Is Tellico Village age restricted?

Is Tellico Village age restricted?

Are there any age restrictions to living at Tellico Village? No, we are not age restricted but we are one of the premiere active adult communities in Tennessee.

Does Tennessee have 55+ communities?

Whether you’re looking for a new house, condo, townhouse, golf communities, or 55+ communities in Tennessee, we have you covered!

Where can I retire to 50 best master planned communities in the US?

To see full details on each community, order your copy of our special reprint of The Short List: 50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the U.S….ARIZONA.

Apache Junction, Arizona Rio Verde, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona Buckeye, Arizona

What are the top 10 retirement communities in the United States?

The Villages.

  • Sun City Hilton Head.
  • Sun City Summerlin.
  • Sun City Huntley.
  • Laguna Woods Village.
  • Lake Providence.
  • Village at Deaton Creek.
  • Del Webb Sweetgrass.
  • Is Tellico Village a 55+ community?

    With no age restrictions, learn why Tellico Village is more than a 55+ community!

    Is Tellico Lake clean?

    It is 33 miles long with 357 miles of shoreline and a reputation as being one of the cleanest lakes in East Tennessee.

    What are the benefits of moving to Tennessee?

    Tennessee is an affordable state to live in with reasonable property taxes, a low cost of living and no state income taxes. With life necessities like utilities, groceries and transportation coming in at a low cost, those wanting to make the move will also find additional benefits.

    What is Retire Tennessee program?

    RetireReadyTN is the state’s retirement program, combining the strengths of one of the nation’s strongest defined benefit plans, provided by the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS); a 401(k) plan; and retirement readiness education.

    What is the largest master planned community?

    Lakewood Ranch
    Sarasota, Florida’s Lakewood Ranch claims the top spot among all-ages communities, with 2,574 sales. Las Vegas, Nevada’s Summerlin is ranked third overall in our survey with 1,619 sales.

    Is Lakewood Ranch a good place to retire?

    Lakewood Ranch is considered to be a great community with a family-friendly environment and one of the best places to retire. By living in Florida you already have the benefit of no state tax income, which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

    Is Tellico Lake a good place to retire?

    Nestled in the Tennessee foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Tellico Village is a premiere active adult retirement community situated along Tellico Lake. Established in 1987, it has become one of the best retirement communities in the southeast.

    Can you eat fish from Tellico Lake?

    The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has issued warnings for PCBs in Fort Loudoun, Melton Hill, Tellico and Watts Bar lakes. That means there are certain fish you shouldn’t eat from there, especially bottom feeders like catfish and largemouth bass.

    What are the negatives about living in Tennessee?

    List of the Cons of Living in Tennessee

    • The summers can be brutal when you start living in Tennessee.
    • Tennessee barbecue is not for the faint of heart.
    • It can be challenging to make new friends when living in this state.
    • The growth levels in Tennessee’s cities can be challenging as well.

    How many years do you have to work for the state of Tennessee to retire?

    The state makes all contributions to your retirement account. Vested members of TCRS become eligible for service retirement upon completion of 30 years of creditable service or upon attainment of age 60. You must make a beneficiary designation.