Is tayport a nice place to live?

Is tayport a nice place to live?

Tayport, less commonly known as Ferry-Port on Craig, is a popular commuter town for Dundee, located just across the River Tay. It’s a great choice for commuters who work in Dundee but want to live outside of the city centre, as well as for those who work elsewhere in Fife, but still want easy access to Dundee.

Is Tayport Dundee or Fife?

Tayport, also known as Ferry-Port on Craig, is a town and burgh, and parish, in the county of Fife, Scotland, acting as a commuter town for Dundee.

Is Tayport a town?

Tayport is a small town with a harbour on the south side of the River Tay. Tayport is located on the north east tip of the Kingdom of Fife and looks across the River Tay towards Broughty Ferry.

What is the population of Tayport?


Name Council Area Population Estimate 2016-06-30
Tayport Fife 3,810
Tayport 3,750 Population [2020] – Estimate 1.290 km² Area 2,907/km² Population Density [2020] -0.40% Annual Population Change [2016 → 2020]

What county is Broughty Ferry in?

The area was a separate burgh from 1864 until 1913, when it was incorporated into Dundee. Historically it is within the County of Angus….Broughty Ferry.

Broughty Ferry Scottish Gaelic: Bruach Tatha Scots: Brochtie or Brochty
Ambulance Scottish
UK Parliament Dundee East
Scottish Parliament Dundee City East

Is Broughty Ferry a village?

Built in the 15th century to protect the estuary, its four floors now house local-history exhibits, covering the story of Broughty Ferry as a fishing village and the history of whaling, as well as details of local geology and wildlife.

Can you walk from Dundee to Broughty Ferry?

As the person above says, you probably cannot walk through the dock area, however, you can walk along the pavement from Dundee to the Stannergate roundabout (notice that people here call it a Circle!) and from there follow the path along the river to Broughty Ferry.

What city has the lowest crime rate in Scotland?

The Top 10 Safest areas of Scotland (per 10,000 of population)

  • Na h-Eileanan Siar – 205.3.
  • East Renfrewshire – 225.3.
  • Aberdeenshire – 240.2.
  • Moray – 263.9.
  • East Dunbartonshire – 286.3.
  • Angus – 293.0.
  • Argyll & Bute – 309.2.
  • Scottish Borders – 318.9.

What do you call someone from Dundee?

This category lists Dundonians, people born in Dundee, Scotland.

Is Broughty Ferry a suburb of Dundee?

Broughty Ferry (/ˈbrɒti/; Scottish Gaelic: Bruach Tatha; Scots: Brochtie) is a suburb of Dundee, Scotland. It is situated four miles east of the city centre on the north bank of the Firth of Tay. The area was a separate burgh from 1864 until 1913, when it was incorporated into Dundee.

Is Broughty Ferry in Angus?

Historically it is within the County of Angus. Formerly a prosperous fishing and whaling village, in the 19th century Broughty Ferry became a haven for wealthy jute barons, who built their luxury villas in the suburb.

Can you cycle through Dundee docks?

“The Docks Way in Dundee supports active travel through the provision of an accessible walking and cycling route, highlighting Dundee City Council’s commitment to support sustainable and active travel across the city.”

What is the roughest city in Scotland?

Dundee City
Dundee City was considered to be the most dangerous area in Scotland, with 2.09 burglaries per 1,000 population recorded. In the top 10 dangerous areas are four London boroughs, followed by the second and third most populated English cities outside the capital – Manchester and Birmingham, the Mirror reports.

Did you know Tayport had free access to Scotscraig estate?

Under the proprietorship of the Maitland Dougalls the people of Tayport enjoyed free access to the grounds of Scotscraig Estate, an arrangement not particularly common at that time. On Mrs Maitland Dougall’s death in 1900 the town council minuted their appreciation of this privilege.

Who owns Scotscraig House?

In 1806 Robert Dalgleish built the new Scotscraig mansion, pictured at the top of the page, to the south of the old house. The next owners were the Maitland Dougalls, who for over fifty years also maintained close links with the village.

Where is the serpentine walk in Tayport?

One of the delights so appreciated by the good people of Tayport was the Serpentine walk. This beautiful twisting, wooded track wends its way from the north entrance to the estate on the Newport road to the west gate on the Inverdovat road.