Is Suzuki Carry Euro 4?

Is Suzuki Carry Euro 4?

Overview. ​Under the front seats is a Euro 4 793cc 2-cylinder turbodiesel engine which produces 32hp and 75Nm of torque. This little oil-burner allows this little utility vehicle to averages up to 22km/L. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission.

Do Suzuki still make carry vans?

The microvan version was originally called the Carry van until 1982 when the passenger van versions were renamed as the Suzuki Every (Japanese: スズキ・エブリイ, Hepburn: Suzuki Eburī)….

Suzuki Carry
Production 1961–present
Body and chassis
Class Kei truck/Microvan (Japan) Light commercial vehicle (outside Japan)

How much weight can a Suzuki Carry hold?

Mini Trucks Weight & Dimensions: 7 Examples To Know

Mini Trucks Length Max Load
Suzuki carry 10.6 ft 770 lb
Subaru Sambar 10.9 ft 710 lb
Mitsubishi Minicab 11.2 ft 772 lb
Mahindra Supro 12.4 ft 850 lb

Does Suzuki Carry 4WD?

Mid-Engined Suzuki Carry With 4WD Is An Adorable Kei Truck.

How fast does a Suzuki mini truck go?

For Japanese mini trucks, the speed could go up to 62-75 mph….How Fast Are Mini Trucks? 7 Examples (+ Rules To Know)

Model Max. Speed
Suzuki Carry 75 mph
Subaru Sambar 87 mph
Mazda Scrum 49 mph
Tata Ace Mega 50 mph

Does Suzuki Carry have aircon?

Suzuki Carry Features Features for Comfort & Convenience include Air Conditioner, Heater, Adjustable Seats, Height Adjustable Driver Seat, Accessory Power Outlet, Power Steering, Low Fuel Warning Light, Cup Holders-Front and Bottle Holder.

How much is a brand new Suzuki Carry?

Make Suzuki
Price 2WD . Manual Transmission Model = US$ 11,800. (Total Price Calculation) 4WD . Manual Transmission Model = US$ 13,800. (Total Price Calculation) 2WD . Automatic Transmission Model = US$ 12,800. (Total Price Calculation) 4WD . Automatic Transmission Model = US$ 14,800. (Total Price Calculation)

Is the Suzuki Carry 4WD?

One of the categories of JDM vehicles that has seen some of the most significant gains over the past decade is of kei trucks and vans of the 1980s and 1990s, like this Suzuki Carry 4WD.