Is Steamcharts accurate?

Is Steamcharts accurate?

For a game exclusively on steam, steam charts is very reliable. That said, 50%+ attrition is typical for new MMOs in their first couple months, and while I think this game is falling off faster than average, it’s not that much faster.

How many people are playing Elden ring?

According to SteamDB, a third-party community of fans that collect information from the Steam storefront, the number of concurrent players on Elden Ring has dropped from nearly a million players in March to closer to 100,000 at the time of this writing in May.

How many people are playing tarkov?

The only information we have had regarding any Escape From Tarkov concurrent player count numbers is a post on Reddit from the game’s lead developer Nikita Buyanov on May 30, 2020. In this post, he states that with the 0.12. 06 patch the game achieved a new concurrent record of 200,000 players.

How many people play DAYZ?


Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 30,937.6 52,546
June 2022 28,493.8 52,546
May 2022 28,893.5 53,887
April 2022 29,455.8 58,240

Why did Elden Ring lose players?

Elden Ring had a high amount of hype ever since its announcement, attracting many new entrants to FromSoftware’s games, which highly contributed to the all-time peak. As many played the game, a sizable amount must have dropped the game due to it not being to their taste or even being too difficult for them.

Is Tarkov coming to ps5?

With that being said, an Escape From Tarkov console port isn’t off the table. Battlestate has confirmed it is interested in bringing this harcore looter shooter to Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the future, but when that’ll actually happen remains to be seen.

What country plays Tarkov the most?

Top Countries For Escape from Tarkov

  • Russian Federation. $21,250.00. 18 Players.
  • Canada. $11,300.00. 13 Players.
  • Australia. $8,850.00. 3 Players.
  • Germany. $7,950.00. 9 Players.
  • United Kingdom. $6,050.00. 8 Players.
  • Poland. $3,950.00. 8 Players.
  • France. $2,850.00. 4 Players.
  • Italy. $2,850.00. 7 Players.

Is Rust better than DayZ?

In my honest (and unbiased) opinion, I can say that Rust is a better experience than DayZ. The unique log-out system, enjoyable gameplay loop, easy-to-access resource gathering, and consistent content updates just make an all-around great game.

How many players does Ark have?

ARK: Survival Evolved

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
February 2021 61,785.6 98,637
January 2021 63,160.1 92,006
December 2020 56,324.1 86,471
November 2020 56,425.6 98,433