Is Somersby owned by Carlsberg?

Is Somersby owned by Carlsberg?

Malaysia is the third country in the region, after Singapore and Hong Kong, to launch Somersby Apple cider, a flagship cider brand owned by the Carlsberg Group.”

Is Somersby real cider?

Is cider alcoholic? Somersby cider contains 4.5% alcohol. Our cider undergoes a fermentation process, in which alcohol is a natural byproduct. The strength of our cider is comparable with a typical lager beer.

Where do Somersby cider come from?

Somersby is the number-one selling cider brand in Australia* and is also sold and enjoyed in more than 43 countries worldwide. Somersby is available in three delicious taste variants: Apple, Pear and Blackberry – all with a refreshing crisp natural taste.

What does Somersby mean?

The Somersby surname evolved from any of several places so named in Northern England. The place name comes from the Old Norse “saurr,” meaning “ground,” and “the Old English “byr,” meaning farm.

Is Somersby cider Australian?

Is Cider worse for you than beer?

With little to no added sugar, beer is the undisputed winner here. As a result, it typically has lesser carbs than cider which makes it slightly “healthier”, even though the amount of calories remains roughly the same.

Is Cider worse than beer?

Where is Somersby cider made in Canada?

Kitchener Ontario
Somersby is proudly owned and brewed by Carlsberg. Somersby was first bottled in Denmark in 2008, and has since evolved into a global brand available in over 50 countries around the world. Most of the cider sold still comes from Denmark, however the Somersby cider sold in Canada is produced in Kitchener Ontario.

What does Somersby Sparkling apple cider taste like?

Intense and refreshing Somersby sparkling white apple cider with great balance of fruitiness and crispy acid notes. Semi-sweet with green apple taste for a very refreshing drink Dominance of fruity white wine aroma and apple notes.

Is Somersby the biggest cider brand in the world?

Since the launch of Somersby in 2008, we like to think we have taken the world by storm. We went from 1 to over 50 markets in less than 10 years, and despite our short history, have become the biggest international cider brand in the universe.

What does Somersby red rhubarb taste like?

Intense and refreshing Somersby red rhubarb with strong rhubarb notes balanced by apple flavours. Pleasant sweetness and slightly sour for a very refreshing drink. Dominance of rhubarb with apple aroma. Fruity after taste with rhubarb and apple notes. Long lasting, pleasantly astringent and lingering sweetness.

What is Somersby cider made from?

Somersby cider (/sɒmæzbi/) is a brand of 4.5% abv cider by Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group. Developed in 2008, it was originally developed for the Danish market, but today has been launched in more than 46 markets, including all of Europe, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Canada and the USA.