Is Samsung releasing a new 8 inch tablet?

Is Samsung releasing a new 8 inch tablet?

The Galaxy Tab S8 series was officially announced on February 9, 2022, and began shipping on February 25.

Does Samsung Tab A 8.0 support S Pen?

However, if you need a tablet that can do the basics well, with S Pen support, of course, and not go over budget, then you’ll do great with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. You’ll get commendable performance for your daily tasks in a manageable size.

How much RAM does the tab 8 have?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It comes with 1.5GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 runs Android and is powered by a 4200mAh non-removable battery. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 on the rear packs 5-megapixel camera.

When did Tab A8 come out?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Front of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
First released December 15, 2021
Availability by region January 17, 2022
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
Type Tablet Computer

How long will Galaxy Tab A8 be supported?

Taking things a step further, Samsung announced in February 2022 that a whole bunch of Galaxy devices will be eligible for four years of Android updates, including tablets, flagships, foldable phones, cheaper Galaxy A series phones, and Galaxy Watch models.

Does Samsung Tab A 8.0 2019 support S Pen?

This is the Samsung Tab A 8.0 with S Pen (2019). It’s the most affordable tablet from Samsung that supports the S Pen.

Does S Pen work with all Samsung tablets?

The S Pen is now compatible with more devices than ever before. You’ll be able to draw and write directly on the screen, whether you have a Galaxy Z Fold3, Note series phones, Tab S8, S21 Ultra, or S22 Ultra! Even if your compatible model did not come with an S Pen, you can purchase one.

Is tab A8 good for gaming?

While this tablet will support some games comfortably, it is not a device that anyone should be considering getting if they want high-performance and quality gaming.

Is the tab A8 waterproof?

Devices backed by an international standard rating of IP68 are deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes, so you can use it worry-free in the rain or by the pool.

Is Samsung A8 tab worth buying?

Our Verdict. Budget tablets don’t come any better built than the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. Throw in a strong set of speakers and decent battery life, and you’re halfway to a top-quality affordable media player. A poor screen and slow charging hold it back from top marks, but it’s a good value option nonetheless.

Will Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 get Android 12?

What makes this rollout special (read unusual) is that the 2020-released 10.4-inch Tab A7 appears to beat 2021’s Galaxy Tab A8 to the stable Android 12 punch.

When was the Samsung Tab A8 released?