Is Ron Isley still married to Kandy Johnson?

Is Ron Isley still married to Kandy Johnson?

Ronald is married to Kandy Johnson Isley and the couple live together in California where they are raising their son Ronald Isley Jr. The couple married in 2005 despite their thirty-five-year age difference, at the time Ron was 64 and Kandy was 28 years old.

Who is Ron Isley’s wife?

Kandy Johnson Isleym. 2005Angela Winbushm. 1993–2002
Ronald Isley/Wife

How much is the Isley Brothers net worth?

Born May 21, 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ronald Isley is best known as the lead singer and founding member of the family music group The Isley Brothers. The third of six brothers, Ron Isley began his career in church….Ronald Isley Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Nationality: United States of America

How long has Ron Isley been married to Kandy?

Ronald Isley of The Isley Brothers has been married to wife Kandy Johnson for 16 years. Kandy, who is also known as one half of the duo, The Johnson Sisters, was Ron’s background singer when they fell in love.

Who is Kandy Isley married to?

Ronald IsleyKandy Johnson Isley / Spouse (m. 2005)

Which Isley Brothers are still alive?


  • Vernon Isley – lead vocals (1954–1955; his death)
  • Rudolph Isley – backing vocals (1954–1989, 2004)
  • O’Kelly Isley Jr. –
  • Marvin Isley – bass (1969–1970, 1971–1984, 1991–1997; died 2010)
  • Chris Jasper – keyboards, backing vocals, conducted string arrangements, guitars, bass, percussion (1969, 1971–1984)

Where is Angela Winbush from?

St. Louis, MOAngela Winbush / Place of birth

How many of the Isley Brothers have passed away?

Two early members of the group have also died: O’Kelly Isley Jr. in 1996 at age 48 and Vernon Isley, who died back in 1955, at the age of just 13, after being hit by a car on his bicycle. The group’s two best known members – singer Ron Isley and guitarist Ernie Isley – continue to perform under the group’s name.

How many wives has Isley had?

Ron Isley has been married three times since the Isley Brothers first had their breakout in the early 1960s.

Is Angela Winbush married?

Ronald IsleyAngela Winbush / Spouse (m. 1993–2002)

In 1992, Winbush co-wrote and co-produced with longtime manager/collaborator/lover Ronald Isley another album for The Isley Brothers, Tracks of Life, featuring the R&B hit “Sensitive Lover”. On June 26, 1993, Winbush and Isley, 13 years Angela’s senior, married.

Is Rene and Angela still together?

René & Angela were an American R&B duo consisting of musical artists and producers René Moore and Angela Winbush. They formed in 1977 and disbanded in 1986.

Which Isley Brothers are still living?

Ronald and younger brother Ernie Isley are the two remaining siblings out on the road as The Isley Brothers. The group is still creatively viable thanks to Tower of Peace, an upcoming project recorded with longtime admirer Carlos Santana that’s set to drop in the spring.