Is Rolfing the same as chiropractic?

Is Rolfing the same as chiropractic?

The main difference between the two is the way in which it is implemented. While Chiropractic works more directly on the vertebrae of the spine, in Rolfing we work on the connective tissue (called the fascia) which surrounds all of your muscles, organs and joints, and creates the overall structure in your body.

How much are Rolfing sessions?

The cost of Advanced Rolfing® sessions varies according to the Rolfer™ and the local economy. Most Rolfers charge session by session, and fees range from $100 to over $300 per session. My Advanced Rolfing® sessions last a full, thorough 90 to 120 minutes.

How much does a 10 session Rolfing cost?

Ten Series: ten sessions that combine to transform your body and help you to feel the most comfort and ease in yourself! $130 per session.

What happens after your first Rolfing session?

Most common side effect if the client is new to bodywork, is the release of long held body toxins, which may lead to having cold symptoms days later. Additionally, some may have reaction such as headaches, soreness, swelling, and or nausea.

Is Rolfing covered by insurance?

Q: Is Rolfing covered by insurance? A: Most insurance companies do not cover Rolf Structural Integration, though there are exceptions. However, Rolfing generally can be covered by a Health Savings Account (HSA).

How much is a Rolfing session?

What do you wear to Rolfing?

What to Wear… Sessions are typically done with the client in their underwear or gym shorts. For women, a sports bra or tank top is suitable. Rolfing can also be done through clothing if that is the comfort-level of the client.

Can Rolfing be covered by insurance?

What should I expect in a Rolfing session?

A typical session includes about 10 minutes of assessment and discussion and about 75 minutes of hands-on bodywork and movement. During the session, you will be asked to stand, to make movements, and walk. Work is mostly done on a table but may also be done seated and standing.