Is NOX still alive Wakfu?

Is NOX still alive Wakfu?

With his goals utterly crushed, Nox lost the will to live and teleported away, bidding Yugo farewell. He is last seen crumbled to dust by what seemed like a tomb of his family. Nox’s body had been disintegrated leaving only his armor and some of the bandages that covered the rest of his body.

Is Chibi in Wakfu a boy or girl?

Appearance. In his previous lives, Chibi was a tall, white-haired man with tan skin. He wore a black cloak and a black hat with two long “horns” and no tuft on the end. When he reincarnates during the animated series, he is a white-haired infant with dark brown eyes.

How old is Chibi in Wakfu?

one year old
Chibi appears along the lines of a one year old child, with a full head of hair and a few baby teeth. During the six years that pass between season 2 of the series and the special episodes, he has become a curious young child, though it appears that he has yet to speak except saying sorry to Alibert once.

How old is Percedal?

Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove (called Tristepin de Percedal in French dub) or Dally for short, is one of the main characters of the Wakfu: The Animated Series. He is a 16-year-old Iop who shows that he has strength rather than smarts.

Are Eliatropes immortal?

Semi-immortal: One of the most common traits of the Eliatropes is their immortality. Eliatropes can live of millions of years without aging, due to the blood of the Great Dragon in their veins, but there are limits. They can still be killed, and only the first 6 can die and be reincarnated, via their Dofus.

Is grougaloragran a real dragon?

Grougaloragran is one of the first six dragons and has been alive since the start of creation. On the Eliatrope original planet Grougal served as the brother to the former king of the Eliatropes, Chibi. But when the war began he fought in it too.

Who is the xelor that grougaloragran fought for?

Nox was the Xelor who Grougaloragran fought for the Eliacube. Nox first encountered him when Yugo was a baby, having identified him as a dragon and a large potential source of wakfu. Years later, the two dueled for the Eliacube, resulting in Grougaloragran’s death.

What is grougaloragran good at?

Wakfu Sensing – Grougaloragran can sense other people’s Wakfu and wakfu currents. Magic – Grougal is a dragon and is very powerful in wakfu, meaning he is great at magic and spell casting. Grougal could break time spell’s just by blinking and he could make sonic shock waves with a spell.

Is grougaloragran Black or white?

Grougaloragran is a massive black dragon at the beginning of the animated series, with blank white eyes, a white underbelly, and bushy white eyebrows, sideburns, and a beard. He has an underbite in this form. He is able to shift his form to appear as a dark-skinned human with large pointed ears, long white hair, and a white beard.