Is Nicole Livingstone still married?

Is Nicole Livingstone still married?

Livingstone was married to cyclist Clayton Stevenson, and is currently married to cinematographer Marty Smith. She has three children, twins Ella and Joshua in 2002, and a second son, Robinson in 2007. Her mother died from ovarian cancer, and both Stevenson and her sister have both tested positive for the BRCA2 gene.

What is James Magnussen doing now?

Magnussen is enjoying retirement, but has also kept an eye on the Australian swim team and their preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

How old is Giaan Rooney?

39 years (November 15, 1982)Giaan Rooney / Age

Who is the female Olympic swimming announcer?

Summer Elisabeth Sanders (born October 13, 1972) is an American sports commentator, reporter, television personality, actress, former competition swimmer and Olympic champion from 1992. Roseville, California, U.S.

Is Johanna Griggs still married?

Johanna Griggs, who was previously married to actor Gary Sweet, met her now-husband – building foreman Todd Huggins – through her brother, before the pair wed in 2006 in a private ceremony at their home in Collaroy Plateau.

Who is commentating with Nicole Livingstone?

The Prime Video commentary team is led by three-time Olympian and gold medallist Grant Hackett, Olympic gold medallist Giaan Rooney, triple Olympic medallist Nicole Livingstone, and Paralympic gold medallist Annabelle Williams.

Who is the AFLW CEO?

Nicole Livingstone (Dec 4, 2017–)AFL Women’s / CEO

Why did James Magnussen stop swimming?

“People were always telling me to swim further, [that] the 100m was too competitive and too hard and there were too many stars and you can’t make a career out of that race,” Magnussen said.

What happened to James Magnussen in London?

Soon after the 2012 London Olympics, Magnussen was caught up in a drug scandal with a number of his swimming teammates. On a night out with Eamon Sullivan, Matt Targett, James Roberts, Tommaso D’Orsogna and Cameron McEvoy, the group took the sleeping drug – and banned substance – Stilnox.

How tall is Giaan Rooney?

5′ 9″Giaan Rooney / Height

Where is Donna de Varona from?

San Diego, CADonna de Varona / Place of birth

Who are the commentators for swimming at the Olympics?

Katie Ledecky | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile One of the greatest Olympians of all-time will be going to the Tokyo Olympics after all. Michael Phelps will analyze swimming as part of NBC’s broadcasting team at the games. The network announced the news Monday.

Why did Johanna Griggs stop swimming?

Commonwealth Games – swimming career Her career was cut short after a battle with chronic fatigue syndrome that began when she was 17.

How old is James Magnussen?

31 years (April 11, 1991)James Magnussen / Age

How tall is Magnussen?

6′ 6″James Magnussen / Height

What happened swimmer Magnussen?

He has won a total of 16 medals in major international competition, eight gold, five silver and three bronze, spanning the Olympics, World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and the Pan Pacific Championships. He retired on 5 June 2019.

Is Donna de Varona married?

John PintoDonna de Varona / Spouse (m. 1987)
As President of her own marketing and sports events company she worked with the 2028 Los Angeles bid committee to bring the Olympic Games back to the United States. Ms. de Varona is a UCLA graduate and is married to John Pinto. They have two children, John David and Joanna.