Is modest nature good for Mareep?

Is modest nature good for Mareep?

It depends on what you want to use it for. Modest is good if you don’t plan on using any physical attacks(which you shouldn’t anyways). Mild is only good if you want to use a physical attack. There is also Timid, Bold and Careful(I think), all of which reduce physical attack and boost a useful stat.

Is quiet nature good for Ampharos?

A Quiet nature and 252 Special Attack EVs provide maximum power. Maximum HP investment provides the best overall bulk. Minimum Speed investment makes Mega Ampharos as slow as possible, benefitting it under Trick Room. Ampharosite is the only reason to use Ampharos; without it, it is outclassed.

What is a good nature for Mareep?

Both Bold and Calm nature are effective, and can be changed to fit your needs. If you fear Pokemon like Dratini and other physical sweepers, use Bold.

Which Nature is best for Ampharos?

Special Attacker

Item Ampharosite If held by an Ampharos, this item allows it to Mega Evolve in battle.
Ability Static 30% chance a Pokemon making contact with this Pokemon will be paralyzed.
Nature Modest
EVs 4 HP 252 SpA 252 Spe

Is Ampharos physical or special?


Special Attack 165 429
Special Defense 110 319
Speed 45 189

What’s the best nature for Ampharos?

Is Power Gem good on Ampharos?

Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse, and Power Gem have little to no use on an offensive Ampharos.

What’s the best Nature for Ampharos?

What is Mareep best Moveset?

Best moveset for Mareep The best moves for Mareep are Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

What is a good nature for Ampharos?

Is Ampharos special or physical?

Why Ampharos Don’t Have Wool (Life Orb)

Type Electric
Category Special
Power 95 BP
Accuracy 100%

What is the best nature for Ampharos?

Is Ampharos good in competitive?

Due to its good defenses, access to helpful support moves such as Reflect and Heal Bell, and single weakness, Ampharos makes a great supporting tank.

Should Ampharos learn Thunderpunch?

Thunderpunch is an option for players who value higher accuracy, but it does considerably less damage. Fire Punch is just about the only coverage move that Ampharos learns. It may not be the strongest move with 75 base power, but it’s great for hitting Grass-type Pokemon.

What is a good Nature for Ampharos?

Is Thunderbolt good on Ampharos?

A very unfortunate flaw of Ampharos is a lack of Thunderbolt, though it can learn the move from the Move Tutor in Pokemon Crystal. Therefore, Ampharos is forced to use Thunder. At 70% accuracy, it will miss frequently, but it will also destroy any Pokemon that isn’t Ground-type.