Is make sure correct grammar?

Is make sure correct grammar?

Yes, it’s correct.

What does made sure mean?

Definition of make sure : to find out or do something so that one has no doubt about whether something is true, correct, will happen, etc. Make sure (that) you turn the oven off. They made sure everyone knew where they were supposed to be.

How do you use make sure in a sentence?

Make-sure sentence example

  1. Just make sure our asses are protected.
  2. If you want to walk this late in the evening, you need to make sure I’m with you.
  3. In fact, that was a good way to make sure he didn’t.
  4. Warm him some chicken soup and make sure he drinks plenty of water.

How do you say I will make sure?

synonyms for make sure

  1. confirm.
  2. determine.
  3. divine.
  4. double-check.
  5. find out.
  6. verify.
  7. check.
  8. dig.

What is the past tense of sure?

What is the past tense of make sure?

seen ensured
attested to corroborated
evidenced substantiated
determined validated
settled ratified

What can I use instead of made sure?

synonyms for make sure

  • confirm.
  • determine.
  • divine.
  • double-check.
  • find out.
  • verify.
  • check.
  • dig.

How do you say we will make sure?

“Chest waders are great, but make sure they’ve got a boot comfortable enough to allow for hours of walking.”…What is another word for make sure?

see ensure
verify affirm
be sure to guarantee
insure be in no doubt
certify do not forget to

How do you say make sure politely?

  1. assure.
  2. ensure.
  3. insure.
  4. maintain.
  5. protect.
  6. prove.
  7. secure.
  8. support.

Is it ensure or ensure that?

To ensure something, or to ensure that something happens, means to make certain that it happens. We must ensure that all patients have access to high quality care.

What is a word for make sure?

What is another word for make sure?

ensure verify
establish guarantee
substantiate ascertain
make certain affirm
assure certify

What is the past perfect of make?

Perfect tenses

past perfectⓘ pluperfect
you had made
he, she, it had made
we had made
you had made

What is the third form of make?

Make of Past Participle V3 The V3 form is “made”. made is used in the past or present perfect tense. + In the present perfect tense, we use the word make as ‘have + made’ or ‘has + made’. I, you, and we are used as ‘have + made’.

How do you say sure in a formal way?

  1. Synonyms for sure. all right, alright, assuredly, certainly, clearly, definitely, doubtless, easily, forsooth, hands down, inarguably,
  2. Words Related to sure. conceivably, likely, perhaps, possibly, probably. obviously, unmistakably.
  3. Phrases Synonymous with sure. by all means, by all odds, damn well, for certain, for sure.

How do you say for sure in a text?

for sure

  1. all right,
  2. alright,
  3. assuredly,
  4. certainly,
  5. clearly,
  6. definitely,
  7. doubtless,
  8. easily,

How do you say sure professionally?

Professional and Clear

  1. Agreed.
  2. All right.
  3. By all means.
  4. Certainly.
  5. Consider it done.
  6. Definitely.
  7. Gladly.
  8. I’m on it.

Should I use assure or ensure?

Despite sounding alike, the words are not interchangeable. “To assure” means to promise or say with confidence. “To ensure” means to make certain. “To insure” means to protect against risk by regularly paying an insurance company.

Do Americans use the word ensure?

The Penguin Writer’s Manual notes that the verb “generally used in the active form to mean “make (something) certain” is ensure,” but also notes that ensure is often spelled insure in American English. Use ensure when you mean guarantee.