Is Louis Latour a good wine?

Is Louis Latour a good wine?

Maison Louis Latour is one of the most highly-respected négociant-éléveurs in Burgundy. Maison Louis Latour is the producer of some of the finest Burgundian wines but has also pioneered the production of fine wines from outside of the confines of Burgundy.

Is Chassagne-Montrachet a Chardonnay?

The white wines of Chassagne-Montrachet are made of Chardonnay. Chardonnay’s bouquet is dominated by aromas of hawthorn, acacia, and honeysuckle, mixed with verbena and hazelnut. With age, they strengthen their minerality (flint) and honey notes of ripe pear.

Is Chassagne-Montrachet a Grand Cru?

There are three Grand Cru vineyards within Chassagne-Montrachet, with Montrachet the most well-known, and 50 Premier Cru vineyards.

Is Montrachet a red or white wine?

Today, the reputation of Puligny-Montrachet is based around its four Grands Crus and, of these, many consider Montrachet to be the greatest white wine in the world. At its best it has an intensity, complexity and elegance that make you wonder how such a wine could be made from mere grapes.

Is Montrachet a white Burgundy?

Produced from two parcels alongside the southwest corner of the village of Chassagne-Montrachet, this classic white Burgundy has the creamy, buttery quality that Chassagne-Montrachet is known for. The 2013 and 2014 are equally highly rated. Match it to any white meat dish from chicken to turkey to pork.

Is Montrachet a Chardonnay?

Wines from Montrachet are composed almost entirely of Chardonnay, unlike in other white Burgundy wines, where up to 15% of Pinot Blanc can be added. These are, like most French wines, referred to by their place of origin rather than by grape variety.

What does Montrachet taste like?

This type of wine is generally rich and buttery, with hints of spices and honey. Its colour – usually gold tinged with emerald, getting darker as it ages – aligns with its flavour: sweet, fruity and aromatic. Still, different vineyards, such as those in Puligny versus Chassagne, do result in variations of flavour.

Is Montrachet oaked?

The style of white Chassagne-Montrachet is often both fruity and mineral, with the level of oak varying between producers.