Is Lotus Exige a good car?

Is Lotus Exige a good car?

Road tests. The Lotus Exige is, without question, one of the best sports cars on sale today where outright handling is concerned. The unassisted steering and lightweight body makes it one of the most engaging cars to drive, while the raucous V6 engine provides ample shove.

What is the best Lotus Exige?

The Exige Sport 410 is the pick of the bunch. The Lotus Exige Sport 410 boasts a recalibrated version of the ubiquitous supercharged Toyota 3.5L V6 engine. Class-leading power to weight ratio of 389 hp/tonne comes from being the lightest V6 Exige ever. Available in both coupe and roadster configurations.

Is the Lotus Exige a supercar?

A true supercar car for the road, the Exige focuses on the three key attributes that have made the company a firm favourite with driving enthusiasts: reduced weight, higher performance and honed aerodynamics.

Is Lotus the best handling car?

Lotus has set been the benchmark for ride and handling in cars. The company’s Gavan Kershaw explains how it’s done.

Are Lotus Cars any good?

The mid-engine Lotus costs more than other sports cars, but its exclusive nature and unadulterated road feel make it a rare and compelling driver’s car. With its lightweight chassis of bonded aluminum, supple suspension, and mid-engine layout, there’s nothing ordinary about the 2019 Evora 400.

Is the Lotus Exige a track car?

One of the finest examples of a track car that Lotus has produced is the Lotus Exige. The Exige S from 2004 removes a lot of the features expected on modern cars and even has its own performance pack with carbon fiber bits, a harness, and a roll cage.

Are Lotus fun to drive?

Most Lotus cars, with the Elise and Exige especially, have below 200 HP. This may not seem like a lot but, when combined with the low weight and near-perfect weight distribution, it makes for an easy, yet exciting driving experience.

Do Lotus Cars appreciate?

The rarity and exoticness of Lotus will eventually be in favor of eventual appreciation of all the Lotus ever made. At present all Lotus from the Historic and Classic eras (this includes all cars up to the transition from Elan/Europa to Elite/Esprit) are going up in value.