Is Lindy Hop East or West Coast Swing?

Is Lindy Hop East or West Coast Swing?

East Coast swing is strictly based on six-count patterns while Lindy Hop, which evolved organically as a street dance, is a mix of six-count, eight-count, Charleston, jig and other patterns. East Coast Swing can be danced to the music of the 30s and 40s but better suits early the Rock n’ Roll of the 1950s.

Is jitterbug the same as East Coast Swing?

More videos on YouTube Jitterbug is a term term that used to refer to swing dancing and swing dancers in the 1930’s. In recent years, it has been used for a form of East Coast swing that is perfect for fast tempo music. T This form is sometimes called single rhythm East Coast swing.

What do you wear to West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing dancers are fairly casual – most wear jeans and a nice shirt (t-shirt or dress shirt). We tend to dance in particular dance shoes, but we also dance in sneakers and plimsolls. For now, comfortable shoes with a non-stick or leather sole will do.

Is West Coast Swing popular?

West Coast Swing is danced all over the world. It is most popular in the United States, and has spread across the country since its inception.

What is the difference between West Coast and East Coast swing?

1. The Components. The East Coast style of Swing is made up of two triple steps and one rock step. The West Coast style of Swing is made up of two walking steps and *two triple steps.

What shoes are best for swing dancing?

The answer is: shoes with hard leather soles or very hard rubber/plastic soles. Dress shoes work well for this (although they often have very little padding, so put in air-pillow insoles or whatever). I also had a pair of sneakers re-done with super hard rubber soles that work well for dancing on cement.

What’s the difference between East and West Coast Swing dancing?

Is shag the same as West Coast Swing?

Most Shag music is interchangeable with West Coast Swing music. The standard tempo range is 110-135 beats per minute. The music is normally blues style, written in 4/4 time. The Shag originated in the late 1930’s in clubs of Myrtle Beach, SC.

Is East Coast Swing Easy?

East Coast Swing is a popular universal dance that’s very beginner friendly. You can east coast swing dance to a wide range of music and music tempos making it a popular dance for new dancers.

What should I wear to go swing dancing?

Swing dancing is a fun, energetic activity that is best enjoyed in proper shoes and clothing. For casual dancing, like lessons and practice, stick to light, loose fitting clothes. For a more formal event, wear things like dresses and suits.

Can you swing dance in a long dress?

Skirts should usually be knee length or longer and loose-fitting. Skirts that cling to the body will be constrictive for swing dancing. If you want to wear a more fitted skirt, watch the fabric. If you wear something like a pencil skirt, make sure the fabric has a good stretch so you can move around.