Lee Sung Kyung is one of the first female models who was signed under YGK Plus. It is YG Entertainment’s label for their models. However, she is also under YG Entertainment when it comes to her acting projects.

Is LEE SUNG KYUNG a supermodel?

Career. Lee began her entertainment career as a model where she competed at the local Super Model Contest in 2008.

Does YG Entertainment have models?

LEE SUNG KYUNG is one of the hottest models nowadays, who has a subtly charming face with pretty and delicate features, 174 centimeters of height, and perfect figure. LEE is Korea’s top model managed by K-Plus Models.

Why is LEE SUNG KYUNG so famous?

She’s a model. She competed in the 17th Korea Super Model Contest in 2008, where she snagged the 11th spot and even won the Lex Prize award. The following year, she also joined the 2nd Asia-Pacific Super Model Contest where she won 5th place, as well as the Unix Hair New Style Prize award.

How do you become a YG model?

– Walk-in applicants should bring all documents needed to the audition place. – Download the for first, then send the filled form to [email protected] with your picture. – Applicants under age of 13 should bring Legal Guardian Admission to the audition place.

Did Lee Sung Kyung carry weights?

Lee Sung Kyung shares that she got stretch marks for the first time from gaining weight for ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ Model and actress Lee Sung Kyung revealed she got stretch marks for the first time in her life from gaining weight for her role in ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’.

Who was YG Entertainment first girl?

2NE1 debuted in 2009 as the first major girl group under YG and became the first group to achieve nine number-one songs on the Gaon Digital Chart.

Why did NAUN Jou Hyuk break up with Lee Sung Kyung?

On August 18, it was revealed that Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk have reportedly broken up. According to industry representatives, they naturally grew apart due to busy schedules and have decided to maintain a supportive senior-junior relationship.

How much weight did Lee Sung-Kyung gain for weightlifting?

five kilograms
Lee Sung-kyung, who plays the lead Kim Bok-joo, reportedly gained five kilograms just for her role as a weightlifting athlete. In a report, she said, “I gained even more weight as I was filming the drama.

Is Lee Sung-kyung a YG model?

While YG Entertainment is known for churning out k-pop idols that reach international fame (eg. Big Bang, 2NE1, Psy and more), Lee Sung-Kyung was one of the first model additions to the YG family. Granted YG also has a host of internationally renowned Korean actors & actresses under them.

Who is Lee Sung kyung?

Lee Sung Kyung Profile and Facts (Updated!) – She is signed under YG Entertainment (acting) and YGK-Plus (modeling). – Her birthplace is Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. – Before becoming an actress, she started off as a model.

What are the special features of Lee Sung kyung?

A face that glows and reflects like a glass, lips that are always red tint are the special feature of Lee Sung Kyung. The majority of people in the industry know her as an actress, but very few know that she is a marvelous model. She struts way down the ramp as if she owns the place and makes sure that her apparel is reaching the audience.

What does kyung Lee do at the gym?

In the gym, Kyung majorly focuses on the core workouts as it helps to speed up her metabolism. After that, this model goes for a diet and ignores all the food that highly contains gluten. However, going through a strong diet, Lee makes sure that she does not starve herself up because that may result in an adverse effect on her body.