Is it hot or cold in Chennai?

Is it hot or cold in Chennai?

Chennai is nestled on the south east coast of India and roles in the tropical zone. The assemblage of these two makes Chennai weather extremely hot and humid. During the summers, the temperature goes as high as 45 °C whereas it drops to around 30 °C during the night.

What is the climate of Tamil Nadu now?

Today’s temperature in Chennai is 29°c. Day’s maximum temperature would hover at 33°c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 26°c. Located on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is a major cultural, economic and educational centre in South India.

Will it rain heavily in Chennai tomorrow?

Tomorrow, there is a low probability of minimal rainfall in Chennai.

Will rain continue in Chennai today?

Forecast for the next 48 hours A few showers.

When did Chennai get snow?

And yet it happened exactly 200 years ago, in the last week of April 1815. The morning temperature was 11 degrees Celsius on Monday, April 24, and by Friday, April 28, it had dipped to minus 3 degrees Celsius. There are unverified reports of snow falling too but that may be an exaggeration.

Is Chennai good place to live?

Also ranked as the safest city in India, Chennai stands out for its hospitality and is among the top cities in the world.

Is it raining heavily in Chennai?

Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre: Persistent heavy rain for 3 days in Tamil Nadu!

Is Chennai expensive?

Chennai is one of the affordable big cities to live in India, depending upon the type of household and number of people in the family. The cost of living in Chennai for bachelors, couples and families mainly differ, because of the type and size of housing and other lifestyle choices.

What is the coldest temperature in Chennai?

According to the Met office, Chennai registered the coldest day on December 11, 1895, when the mercury dipped to 13.9 degrees Celsius. The temperatures rose in the 20th Century.