Is it deprecated or depreciated?

Is it deprecated or depreciated?

“Depreciated” means “has less value than its original value”. “Deprecated” means to expressly disprove of and was popularised due to misspellings in two technical articles where the authors used deprecated without an “i”.

How do you use deprecated in a sentence?

He deprecated the practice of trying to conduct government by question and answer. The spreading of wild rabbits is strongly deprecated. Discussion has been deprecated because the situation is said to be delicate. My feeling is that hand signals are to be deprecated.

What is the other name of obsolescence?

disuse (noun) extinction (noun) other relevant words (noun) process (noun)

What do you call someone who puts themselves down?

self-deprecating Add to list Share. A self-deprecating person knows her own weaknesses and shortcomings and isn’t afraid to point them out, often in a humorous way. Some people are egotistical, always talking about how great they are.

What bowed down?

: to show weakness by agreeing to the demands or following the orders of (someone or something) I will bow down to no one. The government is refusing to bow down to pressure to lift the sanctions.

Can you use deprecated?

You can still use deprecated code without performance being changed, but the whole point of deprecating a method/class is to let users know there’s now a better way of using it, and that in a future release the deprecated code is likely to be removed.

Does deprecated mean decrease?

To deprecate is to diminish, or to oppose, like when someone deprecates your dream of climbing Mt.

What is the opposite obsolete?

Opposite of no longer in use. contemporary. current. modern. new.

What is the opposite of obsolescence?

Opposite of the process of becoming obsolete or outdated and no longer used. modernity.

What do you call someone who is too hard on themselves?

conceited, consequential, egoistic. (also egoistical), egotistic.

What’s a word for self hate?

Self-hatred synonyms In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-hatred, like: worthlessness, self-disgust, self-loathing, self-doubt, hopelessness, self-righteousness, and self-pity.

What does degrading a woman mean?

The word can also mean to disrespect or insult: thoughtless comments can degrade a person. If you whistle at a passing woman, you’re being disrespectful — your behavior degrades women. Degrade is often used to mean to insult someone because of their gender or race. Degrade also means to break down.