Is insurance high on Mini Cooper?

Is insurance high on Mini Cooper?

Fortunately, insurance prices are low, making the Mini Cooper an overall very affordable car to own and drive. A Mini Cooper costs, on average, about $1,250 per year to insure. This makes it quite affordable, especially when compared to other imported sub-compact cars.

What is the average insurance on a Mini Cooper?

Average Mini Cooper Insurance Cost According to auto insurance website The Zebra, the average Mini Cooper driver pays $106 per month or $1276 annually for auto insurance.

Does a 1.6 Mini Cooper have a turbo?

Petrol engine The MINI Cooper S comes with a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, as used in some Peugeot models. It’s an eager performer and dishes up 0-62mph in 7.0 seconds on the dot.

Is a Mini Convertible a good first car?

Buying your first car is an important rite of passage, and there’s plenty to think about before making a decision. Luckily, the MINI Cooper makes it easy. A new MINI Cooper combines exceptional performance and easy driving dynamics that make it the perfect first car.

Is a Mini Cooper cheap to insure?

From a car insurance group perspective, most Minis fall into the average range, which means that they’re relatively affordable to insure.

Is Mini Cooper considered a sports car?

Mini has more of a cute and fun reputation than something like BMW or Jaguar when the little Coopers are just as serious of sports cars as any brand the world has ever known. Don’t let the circular gauges and Union Jacks fool you; the 2022 Mini Cooper S is a full-blown sports car, full stop.

What engine is in a 1.6 MINI?

1.6 litre EP6/EP6C naturally aspirated (PSA) The 1.6 L engine is used in the second-generation MINI and various Peugeot 207 models. It has an 85.8 mm (3.38 in) stroke for a total of 1,598 cc (1.6 L) of displacement.

How many MPG does a MINI Cooper 1.6 do?

Summary. Fuel economy for this used petrol MINI Hatch (R56) model is 55 MPG, giving an indicative fuel cost of 15.4 p/mile; in VED Band C this supermini’s standard 12 month car tax rate is £30.

Is a MINI 1.6 A good first car?

A 1.6 is perfectly reasonable for a first time car, so long as its not modified, tuned etc.

What insurance Group is 1.6 Mini?

Standard Trim

Insurance Group
1.6 Cooper (Pepper/Sport/Media Pack) (08/10 on) 3d 17
1.6 Cooper (Pepper/Sport/Media Pack) (08/10 on) 3d Auto 17
1.6 Cooper (Pepper/Sport/Media Pack) 3d 17
1.6 Cooper (Pepper/Sport/Media Pack) 3d Auto 17

Is it OK for a man to drive a Mini?

Women are drawn to men who own these cars. A man behind the wheel of such a car is one who is absolutely secure in his masculinity, and confidence like that is not going to hurt either. It really isn’t a bad car and the build quality and driving experience are perfectly satisfactory.

Are Mini Coopers good daily drivers?

“For drivers who like their cars to be more than mere transportation, there’s nothing else like a MINI.” A MINI Cooper is a great car to have for almost any daily occasion. They are fantastic daily drivers and make great first cars for new drivers getting practice.

Who makes the Mini 1.6 petrol engine?

It is a compact engine family of 1.4–1.6 L in displacement and includes most modern features such as gasoline direct injection and turbocharger….Prince engine.

PSA Prince engine
Production 2006–present
Configuration Inline-4
Displacement 1.4 L (1,397 cc) 1.6 L (1,598 cc)

Are MINI Cooper S expensive to run?

A range of great small engines means the MINI Hatch is seriously cheap to run.