Is infolinks better than AdSense?

Is infolinks better than AdSense?

Infolinks does provide a number of ad formats that publishers can use to increase their overall ad revenue. Adsense offers CPM rates in the range of USD 0.10 to 2. The average AdSense ad RPM lies in the range of USD 0.5 to 5 for broad niches.

How do I get ads without AdSense?

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

  2. PropellerAds.
  3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads.
  4. Adversal.
  5. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  6. Skimlinks.
  7. Monumetric.
  8. InfoLinks.

Does Infolinks Pay Per Click?

Infolinks is not a pay per view ad service, instead it is a pay per click (PPC) ad service. You can highly increase earnings from Infolinks and similar ad programs by increasing the CPC of your ads.

Is Monumetric free?

Everyone who joins the Propel Program needs to pay an initial setup fee of $99. Now, Monumetric uses two payment methods here: You’ll either pay this upfront using a credit card or they will deduct it from your first earnings.

What’s the best AdSense alternative?

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

  • Best for Established Bloggers.
  • PropellerAds: Best for Popunders.
  • Monumetric: Best for Mid-Sized Blogs.
  • Revcontent: Best for High-Traffic Media Sites.
  • Adversal: Best for Self-Service Advertisers.
  • AdThrive: Best for Large Blogs.
  • Mediavine: Best for Lifestyle Bloggers.

Is Ezoic safe?

Don’t ever use Ezoic Don’t ever use this. There’s no support at all. It slows down your site.

Is Infolinks any good?

I can tell you that Infolinks is not a scam website, and they pay within the stated payout time. They offer various payment options such as PayPal, Western Union, and bank wire transfer. Another good aspect of Infolinks is that you can run it with your current AdSense ads without issue.

How much does Infolink cost?

completely free
Not a thing! Infolinks is completely free. Once your website is approved by Infolinks, all you have to do is follow the 1-minute integration process and you’re ready to go.

Who owns Monumetric?

Kyle Ivins – CRO
Kyle Ivins – CRO // Co-Founder – Monumetric | LinkedIn.

How much can I earn with Monumetric?

Earnings: $10–16 per day. RPM or revenue per 1,000 pageviews: $5–8.

Can I use Ezoic Without AdSense?

You do not need an AdSense account to sign up for Ezoic; however, if a site is not using AdSense they will still need to adhere to Ezoic’s ad policies and Google’s ad policies.

What are the best AdSense alternatives?

The service is run by Bing and Yahoo, and it is widely considered the go-to AdSense alternative. offers multiple types of display ads and native ads for desktop and mobile, and you can expect to earn about the same from these ads as you would with AdSense.

What ad formats are compatible with Google AdSense?

If you want a more discreet approach, you can place other ad formats: native ads, banners, smart links, and video ads. It’s also compatible with AdSense, so you can even use it alongside AdSense to make extra passive income.

Is Revcontent better than Google AdSense?

Unfortunately, Revcontent is even more selective than Google AdSense in terms of eligibility. To be considered, your site must have at least 50,000 monthly visitors and produce valuable content regularly. There’s a chance you’ll be rejected, but for Revcontent’s promise of higher engagement rates, it’s worth a shot.