Is housing guaranteed at Rutgers New Brunswick?

Is housing guaranteed at Rutgers New Brunswick?

No student is guaranteed housing, however, Residence Life has not had an issue housing every first-year student that has requested housing by the June application deadline (indicated in the MyRutgers portal).

How does housing Work at Rutgers?

Most First-Year students will be housed in traditional residence halls, in double rooms with a roommate. Transfer students may apply for double rooms, suites or apartments. Full housing capacity is 15,500 student spaces.

Can you stay in your dorm during winter break Rutgers?

Can I stay in my room during school breaks? Students do not need to move their belongings out of residence halls over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Halls remain open for Thanksgiving break, however, most residence halls close during Winter and Spring breaks.

How can I get out of my Rutgers housing contract?

If a student needs to cancel the Housing Agreement for one of the eight permitted reasons, the student must submit a request to cancel to [email protected] and attach documentation that supports your request (tax returns, hospital records, etc).

Do Rutgers suites have kitchens?

Apartment-Style living spaces can include up to four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and one or two private bathrooms.

Do Rutgers employees get drug tested?

Employees who must have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to perform their job duties are required to undergo drug and/or alcohol testing upon hire as a commercial driver, when randomly chosen, for due cause or reasonable suspicion, following certain motor vehicle accidents, or as ordered by the Substance Abuse …

Do Rutgers dorms have private bathrooms?

Overview. Stonier Hall is a traditional residence hall with private baths built in 1963, so every room has their own bathroom. It is named after Harold Stonier (1890-1957). In 1935, Stonier founded the Graduate School of Banking (later Stonier Graduate School) at Rutgers.

Does Rutgers allow cats in dorms?

No animals are allowed in residence halls or apartments except service dogs, other service animals in training, and pre-approved support animals.

Are Rutgers dorms air conditioned?

While some first-year residence halls such as the Busch Engineering Science and Technology Hall and the Honors College have air conditioning, it is only available to those who are admitted into them. These buildings are newer, so these students have more access to air conditioning than most first-year students.