Is Hisense 50-inch a smart TV?

Is Hisense 50-inch a smart TV?

Hisense 50-inch UHD Smart LED TV- 50A6G.

What are the features of Hisense smart TV?


  • VIDAA Smart OS.
  • netrange TV app store. NetRange develops Smart TV applications for all major platforms.
  • 4K Upscaling.
  • 4K Ultra HD.
  • HDR.
  • Netflix up to 4K.
  • Dual Band Wireless.
  • Digital Media Player.

How much power does a Hisense TV use?

Hisense TV’s can use anywhere from 45 Watts to 320 Watts of electricity on average. The size of the TV does make a difference in the wattage being used. A 32 inch Hisense TV uses 45-50 Watts. The Hisense 55 inch TV uses around 190-240 Watts.

How heavy is a Hisense 50 inch TV?


Screen Size 50 Inches
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Year 2021
Color Black
Item Weight 21.6 Pounds

Do Hisense TVs have Bluetooth?

Yes, the following Hisense TV series have Bluetooth: A6, A60, A6G, H55, H65, H8, H8G, H8G1, H9, Laser TV, U6, U7, U8 and the U9 series. To enable Bluetooth on your Hisense TV press the Menu button then Settings > Network (or Remotes & Accessories) > Bluetooth and select your device.

How many watts is Hisense 50 TV?

The power used is between 45-50 Watts. The TV does use power, even when turned off, as long as it is plugged into a power outlet. The estimated drain is <0.5W. Make sure to use the calculations above if you wish to find how many kWh is used and to help find out how much it will cost on your electricity bill.

Is Hisense TV energy efficient?

More Energy Saving Hisense has now lowered the power consumption of a 100-inch Laser TV to around 250 watts, while the LCD TV of the same size has a power consumption of more than 800 watts. In the future, Hisense will reduce the energy consumption of 100-inch Laser TV to under 200 watt.

Can I connect my phone to Hisense TV?

Since Hisense TVs are Android-based, iPhone users will need to use an HDMI adapter, or mirror to a different digital media player (e.g., Apple TV, Chromecast, or Roku).

Is Hisense smart TV Android?

Android Operating System The Hisense 55 Inch UHD Android TV has a simple, intuitive and customisable interface, that allows you to download apps from the Google Play store.

What kind of TV is Hisense 50 inch?

Hisense 50″ Full HD Smart LED TV is a Full HD 1080p television. This TV’s LED backlighting is even more efficient than standard fluorescent backlighting. The 50″ Full HD Smart LED TV has ATSC, Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM), Clear QAM tuner (s). The Hisense 50″ Full HD Smart LED TV is an Edge-lit TV.

What is a full HD smart LED TV?

Full HD Smart LED TV is an Edge-lit TV. The Edge-lit on the other hand has LED lights that go around the edges of the frame. Screen size is measured in inches, diagonally from corner to corner. A refresh rate is a measure of how often a TV changes the picture. The higher the refresh rate, the more pictures are displayed per second.

Why the Hisense R6E series 4K UHD Hisense Roku TV?

Movies, TV shows, Sports, Games, Music and Broadcast TV? the content options are ENDLESS with the R6E Series 4K UHD Hisense Roku TV. Featuring 4K Ultra High Definition resolution that has more pixels then HD, this TV packs incredible detail into an HDR-enhanced display that boosts contrast in the lightest and darkest areas of the screen.

Which Hisense TV is best for binge-watching?

The R6E Series of the Hisense Roku TVs makes binge-watching addictive by immersing you in lifelike, razor-sharp scenes that show more details then FHD resolution. Once you pick the remote up, you?ll find it hard to put it back down.