Is havergal religious?

Is havergal religious?

Havergal College is an independent day and boarding school for girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada….

Havergal College
Religious affiliation(s) Anglican
Founded 1894
Principal Katrina Samson
Grades JK–12

Is havergal a Catholic school?

Today, it’s the only independent Catholic boys’ school in Ontario, and one of only a few in Canada. A dedication to teaching the core curriculum though a Catholic lens remains, as does a commitment to strong academics across the board.

How many students go to havergal?

909 (2008)Havergal College / Total enrollment

Is Havergal College a good school?

Havergal is the largest girls’ school in Toronto, both in terms of student population and physical space. It has a well-earned reputation for doing things differently and for charting its own path, both academically and culturally.

How much is havergal tuition?

Meals and boarding not included. NOTE: This is a one-time fee for new students….Supplementary Fees 2022 – 2023.

Boarding School Tuition
Lowest $65,280
Highest $65,280

What is Havergal acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for Havergal is about 50%, depending on what grade the student is applying for. Those applying at the JK level are required to complete an interview process and entrance exams.

How hard is it to get into Havergal?

Does Havergal require the SSAT?

Does Havergal require the SSAT or other standardized admission assessments? Havergal does not currently require the SSAT for students who are applying for Grades 5 to 9. We do require it for both Day and Boarding Students applying to Grade 10 or 11. Please visit for more information and testing dates.

How hard is it to get into havergal?