Is Folkestone a poor area?

Is Folkestone a poor area?

Folkestone Harbour holds the ignominious title of the worst ward in the town for deprivation and the 12 worst in Kent overall.

Which part of Kent is Folkestone in?

Folkestone, town (parish), Shepway district, administrative and historic county of Kent, southeastern England. It is situated on the Strait of Dover, 7 miles (11 km) west-southwest of Dover. The town is the administrative centre for the district.

Does Folkestone have a beach?

Folkestone is home to a number of beaches these include Folkestone beach, Folkestone, The Warren beach, Sandgate beach and Sandgate town centre beach all of which are located fairly close by to one another.

Are house prices going up in Folkestone?

But it’s another Kent town that has seen the sharpest increase in recent years, with Folkestone becoming a hotspot for skyrocketing house prices.

Is Folkestone a seaside town?

Last year Folkestone was voted one of the best seaside towns to live in in the UK in The Sunday Times Best Places to Live and is “among the best areas in Kent to buy property in 2020.” But what is there to do if you’re planning a day trip?

Is Folkestone a city?

Folkestone (/ˈfoʊkstən/ FOHK-stən) is a port town on the English Channel, in Kent, south-east England. The town lies on the southern edge of the North Downs at a valley between two cliffs.

Is Folkestone nice for a holiday?

Folkestone is the quintessentially English coastal town, complete with everything a trip to the seaside should entail: arcades, funfairs, and pebble beaches, as well as pleasant promenades and a quaint fishing harbor.

Is Folkestone a good place to invest in property?

Despite its proximity to a major transport route, Folkestone is a quiet town and a good value property location. Folkestone property investors could also consider nearby Sandgate and Hythe.

Why are house prices in Kent so high?

Property experts have said that the high demand and lower supply of homes on the market is the key reason why prices keep on rising.

Has Folkestone got a sandy beach?

Sunny Sands Beach is a hugely popular sandy beach at the eastern end of the Stade and Folkestone Harbour. It is a firm favourite with families throughout the summer, with good facilities nearby including WCs and cafés, pubs and beach shops.

Has Folkestone got a beach?

Is Folkestone busy?

Still one of England’s busiest ports and a popular place to visit in England for its pleasant coastal setting, its development as an important holiday destination began in the mid-19th century with the building of the railroad from London, hence the town’s characteristic architecture dates mainly from Victorian times.

Does Folkestone have sandy beach?

Should I visit Folkestone?

Artistic enclaves, stunning shores, unique histories and expansive wildlife escapes make Folkestone, Hythe & Romney Marsh in Kent well worth a visit – and with Kent’s Heritage Coast being one of Lonely Planet’s Top Regions to visit in 2022, there’s never been a better time to explore.