Is Felix Varela a magnet school?

Is Felix Varela a magnet school?

Felix Varela Senior High School is a magnet school located in Miami, FL, which is in a large suburb setting. The student population of Felix Varela Senior High School is 2,094 and the school serves 8-12.

What grade is Felix Varela High School?

grades 9 – 12

School Name: FELIX VARELA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NCES School ID: 120039004340 State School ID: FL-13-7781
Type: Regular school Status: Open Charter: No
Supervisory Union #: N/A Grade Span: (grades 9 – 12) 9 10 11 12

How many kids does Varela have?


Felix Varela Senior High School
Teaching staff 101.00 (FTE)
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 2,412 (2018–19)

What district is Felix Varela High School?

The total minority enrollment is 96%, and 73% of students are economically disadvantaged. Felix Varela Senior High School is 1 of 128 high schools in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

What is iPrep magnet?

iPrep Academy is a Nationally Certified Magnet School. Ten years ago, MDCPS Superintendent and iPrep’s Principal, Alberto M. Carvalho challenged educators to create a learning environment that closes the cultural and digital divide.

How many students are in Varela?

3,200Felix Varela Senior High School / Number of students

When did Varela high school open?

August 28, 2000Felix Varela Senior High School / Founded

How many students are in Felix Varela High School?

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