Is Drexel good for computer science?

Is Drexel good for computer science?

This accredited degree program in computer science ranked in the top 35 computer science programs (top 15%) in the 2020 nationwide ranking of U.S. Colleges and Universities by College Factual.

Is Drexel online university accredited?

Upon successful completion of the program, online students receive the same degree as their peers who take courses on campus. Drexel University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, as well as professional accreditation in many fields (i.e., AACSB, CCNE, ALA).

Is Drexel University Online a good school?

As a top-ranked, regionally accredited institution, known for its interdisciplinary approach to applied education, Drexel consistently gets high marks from employers for its online degree and certificate programs.

Does Drexel require GRE?

Computer Science applicants: GRE test scores are required for all applicants and there is no waiver option available. (Effective Fall 2021 Computer Science applicants and going forward: GRE score submission is recommended for International students and domestic students below a 3.0 GPA but not required.)

Is Drexel University good for masters in computer science?

MS in Computer Science at Drexel is ranked globally by estimated organisations. Such recognition speaks volumes about the course’s importance and effectiveness in the present scenario.

Is Drexel University legit?

Drexel University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. In addition, each school can offer programs that hold additional, program-specific accreditation. This further supports that your program is going to provide you with a high quality education.

How much is Drexel Online?

56,238 USD (2019 – 20)Drexel University / Undergraduate tuition and fees

How is computer science at Drexel?

While Drexel is ranked #133 overall by US News, it tends to be higher-ranked for computer science. We have it as #68 for compsci: College Factual ranks it within the top 35:

Is Drexel University worth the money?

Overall, we still believe Drexel University is a good value school that is worth the cost. But if you can get into a school with a better reputation and lower cost, you’ll likely get much more in the long run.

Is Drexel an Ivy League?

Drexel University is not an Ivy League school.