Is Busuu good for Italian?

Is Busuu good for Italian?

Busuu has courses in twelve languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish), all with native speakers ready to correct your writing exercises. Overall, Busuu stands out among competitors for its clean, enjoyable interface and challenging coursework.

Can you be fluent with Busuu?

You likely won’t become completely fluent with Busuu, but your language skills will improve with regular use. The company specializes in language learning at the beginner to upper-intermediate level. That means you can expect to reach intermediate level B2 under CEFR with consistent use of Busuu.

Is Busuu better than Babbel?

The Busuu lessons are more diverse and comprehensive than Babbel’s. In other words, there’s just more variety in terms of drills and exercises. Case in point – the Busuu lessons utilize video clips of native speakers (similar to Memrise), which is something missing from the Babbel lessons.

Is Busuu better than Duolingo?

Yes, Duolingo offers more immediate and consistent pronunciation feedback than Busuu, as well as a few other small benefits, but when you consider the factors that really matter, Busuu takes the cake.

Are Busuu certificates legit?

But the premium plus plan offers certificates in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. McGraw-Hill Education, one of the world’s largest and most reputable educational organizations, partnered with Busuu in 2015. Since then, Busuu has provided certification through its collaboration.

Is Busuu better than Pimsleur?

Although our team thinks the language apps from both companies are quite effective, our team gives Pimsleur the win over Busuu primarily due to their interactive audio lessons and comprehensive reinforcement exercises.

Is Busuu worth the money?

If you want to reach your language destiny, consider Busuu premium for quality learning or if you aim to go beyond the basic stuff. It is worth the money if you plan to try an app. Speaking a language is crucial for being fluent in any language.

Does Busuu have C1 level?

Busuu’s language courses all cover the first four stages of the CEFR, from A1 to B2 level. Busuu’s English course also covers the level above B2, C1.

Is Busuu worth paying for?

Busuu is among the better free language learning apps, although its Premium subscription adds a lot and is worth the cost. While busuu is an attractive app, it doesn’t displace Duolingo as the Editors’ Choice for free language learning apps.

Who owns Busuu?


Homepage of Busuu
Owner Busuu Online S.L.
Founder(s) Bernhard Niesner, Adrian Hilti
CEO Bernhard Niesner
Industry Online education, Professional certification, Translation, Crowdsourcing

Is Rosetta Stone better than Busuu?

Which language program is better, Busuu or Rosetta Stone? After testing each language program, our team thinks Busuu offers the more complete and engaging language learning course. Rosetta Stone scores high marks, but in the end, we found Busuu to be more effective.

Which is better Memrise or Busuu?

Busuu teaches languages in a more well-rounded manner, covering different language skills such as grammar, listening, speaking, writing, etc. Memrise is more of a supplementary resource that’s better suited for learning and reviewing vocabulary rather than learning all aspects of a language.

Is Busuu worth premium?

What does Busuu stand for?

Busuu is a language learning platform on web, iOS and Android that allows users to interact with native speakers.