Is Aliona Vilani still dancing?

Is Aliona Vilani still dancing?

After 7 years on Strictly Come Dancing, Aliona quit the show in 2015, just days after winning series 13 with dance partner Jay McGuiness.

Who is Jay McGuiness partner?

On 19 December 2015, partnered with Aliona Vilani, he won the 13th series of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. In October 2017, McGuiness won the first series of Celebrity Hunted with bandmate Siva Kaneswaran….Strictly Come Dancing.

Week # 4
Dance/Song Quickstep / “My Generation”
Judges’ scores 5

Who has danced with Aliona Vilani?

In 2010, Aliona was partnered with The One Show presenter Matt Baker. The pair danced together to the final, however came second as they lost out to Kara Tointon and Artem Chigvintsev….Aliona Vilani.

Fact title Fact data
Partner Jay McGuiness

Why did Aliona Vilani leave Strictly?

At the time she announced her departure, it was rumoured that she was quitting to start a family with husband Vincent Kavanagh. “Aliona loves children and is ready to have a family,” a ‘source’ told The Sun. “As much as she loves Strictly she doesn’t want to put her plans for a baby on hold any more.

Where is Aliona now?

These days Aliona lives in Florida with her husband, fellow professional dancer Vincent Kavanagh, and their daughter Bella – having reportedly left the show to start a family.

What is Matthew Cutler doing now?

Matthew Cutler, (Five series, 2005-9) Matthew, 44, now teaches Zumba and other classes in Croydon at Matico Dance Studio, which he co-runs with Enrico Stey, another professional dancer.

Is Aliona Vilani married?

Vincent KavanaghAliona Vilani / Spouse (m. 2014)

Is Aliona Vilani still married?

The Wanted singer previously shut the speculation down, claiming they were “just friends” while Aliona is happily married.

Who is Aliona Vilani husband?

Vincent KavanaghAliona Vilani / Husband (m. 2014)

What does Ian Waite do now?

Dance tours and other professional engagements In August 2021, Waite announced he would be teaching at Donahey’s Dancing with The Stars Weekends in 2022.

What nationality is Aliona Kavanagh?

Aliona Valeriya Kavanagh, (née Vilani on 1 May 1984, Russian: Алёна Валерия Вилани) also known by her stage name Aliona Vilani, is an Russian-Kazakh TV personality and a professional dancer in the BBC series of Strictly Come Dancing.

What happened to Victoria Vilani on Strictly Come Dancing?

Vilani returned for the 2012 series of Strictly Come Dancing, where she was paired with television presenter Johnny Ball. A training accident in the three-week interval resulted in torn ligaments for Vilani, causing her to retire at least temporarily from the show.

When did Aliona Vilani win the Christmas special?

In December 2014, Aliona Vilani won the Christmas Special partnering Louis Smith. They earned a perfect score of 40 from the judges for their quickstep to “Jingle Bells” and won after the judges’ and studio audience’s scores were combined.