Is a Kona Stinky a DH bike?

Is a Kona Stinky a DH bike?

All the fun for riders who want all the big bike performance of a larger downhill bike but aren’t on a Pro race-team budget. Utilizing our proven Kona DH aluminum and taking design cues from the WC podium placing Operator platform, the Stinky 26 is ready to step up and step down any gravity fed trail you choose.

How much is a Kona Stinky?

It is priced at $1,799 USD, comes in a range of sizes, including 13″, has RockShox suspension and a Shimano drivetrain. The bike is part of Kona’s Stinky range of mountain bikes.

Is Kona a good road bike brand?

Are Kona bikes good quality? Yes. One thing that is often said about Kona bikes is that they are built like tanks. Whether a jump bike, a hardtail trail bike, or a full suspension freeride/downhill machine, Kona bikes are more than capable of taking anything that is thrown at them.

What is the difference between a downhill bike and a mountain bike?

A downhill bike (also known as a downhill mountain bike) is a full suspension bicycle designed for downhill cycling on particularly steep, technical trails. Unlike a typical mountain bike, durability and stability are the most important design features, compared to lighter, more versatile cross-country bikes.

Where are Kona bikes built?

The Canadian headquarters are located near the famous North Shore Mountains of Vancouver, leading Kona to develop a range of Freeride mountain bikes in 1998 known for durability as well as for their ability to handle extremely technical downhill terrain….Kona Bicycle Company.

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Were are Kona bikes made?

Made by Altitude Cycles, Ku is the first aluminum mountain bike frame produced by Kona in the USA. Altitude produced over 3,000 high-end steel and aluminum bicycle frames for Kona, their first US customer.