IS-3 tank weak spots?

IS-3 tank weak spots?

Like the side armor of the IS-3 the rear is also very easily to deal with if you avoid shooting the turret(although it is still weak to most tanks that face the IS-3) since the hull armor is very thin. Stay away from the sides of the IS-3 on the rear and you’ll do alright.

Where is a tank’s armor weakest?

Apart from side and rear armor, most vehicles have common weak spots: the lower glacis plate, the commander’s cupola, and the top surface of the turret.

Is the IS-3 powerful?

The IS-3 is very effective in defense, as it’s upgraded 122mm tank is more powerful than that of the IS-2’s and better than most tank destroyers, and more destructive, therefore a good player should consider the effect of using this tank in defense.

Is t72 obsolete?

At least 25,000 T-72s have been built, making it the second-most prolific post-World War II tank, coming in behind only the ubiquitous T-54/T-55. That the T-72 is still in service today — and still being used by about 45 countries, including Russia — speaks to the longevity of this vehicle.

Is a 3 tank a guide?

Weak points IS-3 is first tank in the game, which uses unusual shape of its front hull armor, so-called pike nose. Despite having only 110 mm of steel on the front, thanks to setting of the top front plate at natural angle, this tank doesn’t have to be set at the angle during the fight – it is even not recommended.

Is IS-3 A good tank?

Not very -the IS-3 was a failure in combat. The IS-3 gave the future NATO countries a big scare when it was seen at the Victory parades in September 1945. On paper, the IS-3 was king of the battlefield. Its armour protection far exceeded any American or British tank in service by say 1950.

Is the IS-3 good War Thunder?

The IS-3 carries a heavy 122 mm D-25T cannon, the same weapon mounted on the IS-2 and IS-4M, as well as other variants of the IS-3. This cannon, based on a heavy howitzer, is a highly-effective weapon capable of hitting extremely hard. However, it has an extremely slow reload speed, and rather poor gun depression.

What is the strongest tank in War Thunder?

Introduced in November 2020’s New Power update, many have called the West-German Leopard 2A6 the best tank in War Thunder.