How would you describe Alex Rider?

How would you describe Alex Rider?

Alex is described as being a strikingly good looking 15 year old boy, with fair hair (as said in Stormbreaker) or light brown hair (as said in Crocodile Tears and Scorpia Rising) and a handsome slender face that would “attract plenty of girls.” He also has serious brown eyes and a slightly hard, narrow mouth.

What type of character is Alex Rider?

Alex Rider (character)

Alex Rider
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Student Spy for MI6 Operations
Family John Rider (father, deceased), Helen Beckett (mother, deceased), Ian Rider (uncle, deceased), Jack Starbright (guardian)

Is Yassen Alex riders dad?

He was with John Rider, Alex’s father, (unbeknown to Yassen, as part of John’s MI6 cover in SCORPIA) when him and John killed a drug dealer in the Amazon. Then Yassen became even more powerful.

What does Scorpio stand for in Alex Rider?

Sabotage, CORruPtion, Intelligence and Assassination
SCORPIA was a Private Intelligence Agency whose name stood for: Sabotage, CORruPtion, Intelligence and Assassination.

Is Alex Rider’s parents alive?

A few months after his birth, Alex’s parents were killed in a plane crash. Alex was then raised by his uncle, Ian Rider. They travelled widely, throughout the UK, Europe and the Americas. Alex learned many of his skills on these trips, making him the perfect candidate for MI6.

Is Alex Rider a clone?

The end of the previous episode showed us that Alex Rider was still at Point Blanc. We had no idea which one was the clone and which one was Alex. However, the episode quickly revealed the truth to us. The Alex at Point Blanc was the clone, and he made his way to London looking for revenge.

When was Alex Rider’s secret weapon?

April 4, 2019Alex Rider: Secret Weapon / Originally published
Secret Weapon – released 4 April 2019. Nightshade – released 2 April 2020 in the UK and 7 April 2020 in the US. Nightshade:Revenge – expected to be released in 2023.