How to use genitive case in German?

How to use genitive case in German?

The genitive case is used to show possession. You use the genitive to show who something belongs to….Changes in the genitive case

  1. mein – my.
  2. dein – your (informal, singular)
  3. sein – his.
  4. ihr – her.
  5. unser – our.
  6. euer – your (informal, plural)
  7. Ihr – your (formal, singular and plural)
  8. ihr – their.

What is genitive case in German?

The German genitive case is the case that shows possession and is expressed in English by the possessive “of” or an apostrophe (‘s). The German genitive case is also used with the genitive prepositions and some verb idioms. The genitive is used more in written German and is hardly used in spoken language.

Is genitive still used in German?

As mentioned in this article about prepositions that take the genitive case, even here the dative seems to be replacing the genitive in everyday German. But the genitive is still a vital part of German grammar–and it delights native speakers when non-native speakers use it correctly.

What is Des German?

In German, “des” means: (definite article (m & n))

How do you use genitive case?

The genitive case is a grammatical case for nouns and pronouns. It is most commonly used for showing possession. Typically, forming the genitive case involves adding an apostrophe followed by “s” to the end of a noun.

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Why is eines Tages genitive?

Eines Tages does, in fact, mean roughly “of one day,” which requires the genitive (not “generative” case). And that because it is a reference to one particular day. The idiomatic English expression is “once upon a time.” You would use “ein(en) Tag” to refer to a “random,” or unspecified day.