How to greet someone in bahasa Indonesia?

How to greet someone in bahasa Indonesia?

Saying Hello in Bahasa: A Matter of Time

  1. Good morning: Selamat pagi. (All morning until around noon.)
  2. Good day: Selamat siang. (From around 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.)
  3. Good afternoon: Selamat sore. (From 4 p.m. until it starts to get dark.)
  4. Good evening: Selamat malam. (After sunset.)
  5. Good night: Selamat tidur.

How do you greet a woman in Indonesia?

Some Indonesians may place their hand on their heart or bow slightly after shaking hands. Women may choose to bow with their hands folded instead of shaking hands. People may greet close relatives by shaking hands and kissing one another on both cheeks.

What is Hello in bahasa?

Start your greeting with “selamat.” To begin your greeting, say, “Selamat.” It is placed before the words for morning, afternoon, and so on. The rough pronunciation is “suh-lah-mat.” From there, your greeting depends on the time of day.

What is Selamat malam?

selamat malam – good night.

What is BU Bahasa?

The literal meaning of bu. “Bu” is short from the word “Ibu”. Ibu in popular Bahasa Indonesia means mother. You can pronounce ibu as ee-bwu. According to the main dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia, the word ibu bears more meaning than just mother.

Can you kiss in Indonesia?

Kissing in public is generally frowned upon in Indonesia, especially in rural, predominantly Muslim areas.

Why do Indonesians always smile?

The crux is that Indonesians do not only smile if they are happy. They also smile to cover up negative feelings such as discomfort in tense situations or even disagreement. People do so in order to save their face in an uncomfortable situation and to maintain a harmonic and positive atmosphere.

What does Bubu mean in Indonesian?

land, dirt, place.

Is dating allowed in Indonesia?

Indonesia can be considered quite conservative when it comes to dating. In the country, premarital sex is viewed as highly unacceptable and adults are expected to get married and have children before they turn 30.

Why Indonesia has no last name?

Most of the Indonesians who have surnames came from the eastern part of Indonesia. The concept of surname itself is not legally recognized in Indonesia. That means, in any official forms or correspondence, you will never be asked for your surname. Indonesian laws only recognize … legal names.

What is Bubu in Malay?

Definition of bubu in the Malay dictionary trap-shaped, resembling trap; 2. catch fish with trap.

Can I marry Indonesian girl?

There is no restriction to marry the girl in Indonesia but you may approach the Indian embassy at Indonesia for getting married to her under the provisions of special marriage act and get married there by completing the requisite formalities as is required by Indian laws.

Can we kiss in Bali?

Compared to other Indonesian regions, Bali is relatively loose in terms of social constrictions on public displays of affection. While even holding hands is frowned upon in other towns, Balinese are used to seeing tourists hug or even kiss lightly in public.

Do Indonesians use English names?

Some people may have English-Western names (e.g. Rudy, Betty, Iwan, Anita). These are especially among Chinese Indonesians. English names may be combined with an Indonesian name, e.g. Tony Kusuma and Lisa Chandrawi.

What is the name of Indonesia woman?

Indonesian Girl Names

Name Meaning Origin
Citra Image Indonesian
Indah Beautiful One Indonesian
Netra Vision Indonesian
Mentari The Sun Indonesian