How to get current date in MomentJS?

How to get current date in MomentJS?

moment(). format(‘YYYY-MM-DD’); Calling moment() gives us the current date and time, while format() converts it to the specified format.

Is MomentJS immutable?

The moment object in Moment. js is mutable. This means that operations like add, subtract, or set change the original moment object.

How can I get only the date from datetime using moments?

“get only date using moment” Code Answer’s

  1. console. log( moment(). format(‘YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss’) )
  2. console. log( moment({h:0, m:0, s:0, ms:0}). format(‘YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss’) )

How do you convert UTC to moments in dates?

“moment js convert local date to utc” Code Answer’s

  1. const date = moment. utc(). format();
  2. console. log(date, “- now in UTC”);
  3. const local = moment. utc(date). local(). format();
  4. console. log(local, “- UTC now to local”);

What can I use instead of moment in JavaScript?

There are several libraries out there that can potentially replace Moment in your app. The creators of Moment recommend looking into Luxon, Day. js, date-fns, js-Joda, or even replacing Moment with native JS.

Why You Should not Use MomentJS?

Moment. js is a fantastic time & date library with lots of great features and utilities. However, if you are working on a performance sensitive web application, it might cause a huge performance overhead because of its complex APIs and large bundle size. Problems with Moment.

Is moment or date-FNS better?

Date-fns vs MomentJS Performance As you can see, Date-fns are well ahead in all 3 operations in terms of operations performed per second and size and the simple API is the main reason behind this.

Why you shouldnt use moment JS?

However, Moment. js has too many drawbacks compared to modern date and time libraries. Its API is not immutable, it is large and it doesn’t support tree shaking. Even the Moment team discourages to use their library in new projects.

How do I remove time from date in moment?

We can remove the time portion from a date with the startOf method. We pass in a date with the hour and minutes set into the moment function. Then we call startOf with the ‘day’ argument to get return a moment object with the time set to midnight of the same date.

How does moment UTC work?

For moment. utc, the date will be parsed and displayed in local time. By default, date will be shown in local time. In case you need to parse it in UTC, you can make use of this method.

How do I change timezone in moments?

To change the default time zone, use moment. tz. setDefault with a valid time zone.

Is MomentJS still needed?

MomentJS is a widely used time and date formatting and calculation library. But it is slowly nearing its end after being the best for a long time. I, for example, cannot even try to format and use all date formats without any library such as MomentJS.