How to find out my Edvantage number?

How to find out my Edvantage number?

Your Edvantage number can be found on your Edvantage member card, which you can access anytime from anywhere by logging in to your Edvantage account. If you have not registered for an account and received a physical Edvantage member card prior to April 2021, your Edvantage number will be displayed on that card.

What is Edvantage?

What is Edvantage? Edvantage offers great rewards and discounts to education employees and their families through partnerships with retailers and businesses throughout Ontario. OTIP administers Edvantage on behalf of your teachers’ federation.

Where do Ontario Teachers get discounts?

Edvantage: Edvantage is a savings program that offers Ontario teachers discounts and promotions from over 50 business partners in education, home & office, health & fitness, and shopping. This program is free to join with your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) membership (source).

Where can I find my Etfo number?

Your ETFO ID number is listed on the front of your membership card beneath your name. If you have misplaced your membership card, contact provincial office at 1-888-838-3836 during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) and ask for Member Records/Fees.

What is edvantage number?

Call us and speak with our Edvantage customer service representative at 1-866-750-6847 from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET).

Do teachers get discount at Staples?

Staples: Get 20% back and free shipping through the Teacher Rewards program on the Staples Connect app. The Happy Planner: Save 15% on purchases through

How many ETFO members are there?

ETFO represents approximately 83,000 members that include public elementary teachers, occasional teachers, education support personnel, professional support personnel and designated early childhood educators.

What is ETT in a school?

ETT. Elementary Teachers Training + 2.

Does Dollar General Give teacher discount?

Now through September 6, 2021, Dollar General will provide teachers with a 30% discount on qualifying, in-store purchases of back to school and stationery items*.

Why do teachers color staples?

Color-Coded Manuals and Schoolwork Keep these things organized by color-coding them with colored staples. A quick visual reference will tell you what department the manual belongs to, or which child’s physical homework has been scanned and emailed or is ready to go back to in-person classes.

Does Dollar General give 30% off for teachers?

What does the Ontario Teachers union own?

Through its fully owned real estate subsidiary, Cadillac Fairview, Ontario Teachers’ owns properties that include the Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto Eaton Centre, the Pacific Centre in Vancouver, the Rideau Centre in Ottawa, and White City Place in London, UK.

What is full form of ETT?

ETT (Elementary Teacher Training)

What is the process of ETT?

The ETT is held in the right hand and inserted between the vocal cords so that the tip is 1-2 cm below the vocal cords. Ensure endotracheal position by the use of a CO2 detector- this has become a standard of care. The detector should change color (purple to yellow) by 5-6 breaths.

Does Dollar General give 30% off teachers?

How much of a discount do teachers get at Staples?

Staples: Get 20% back and free shipping through the Teacher Rewards program on the Staples Connect app.