How sharp should jointer knives be?

How sharp should jointer knives be?

We recommend sharpening to roughly 600 grit. Any finer and the resulting edge gained will only last a short time. Use a diamond hone to refine the edge and remove any burr from the back and bevel of the jointer or planer knife.

What angle do you sharpen jointer knives?

between 40 and 50 degrees
If I remember correctly the angles for the planners and jointers are usually between 40 and 50 degrees, but Jeff was right different manufactures may choose different angles based on the machine characteristics and blade thickness and width so it would be safer.

Why do jointers cut tapers?

Tapered Cuts When jointing the edge of a board, a common problem is ending up with a tapered cut. In some cases, this can be caused by infeed and outfeed tables that aren’t parallel. But a more common (and easier to fix) cause is an outfeed table that is just a bit higher than the jointer knives.

Will dried glue damage planer blades?

Dried glue can indeed damage planer knives, so removal before planing is important.

Are Delta 37-072 jointer knives worth it?

While other jointer knives won’t put much of a dent in your wallet, and some can make you spend a little more than what your budget allows, the DELTA 37-072 Jointer Knives are found at a fair price point. However, it gives excellent value for its price, and you might even think that these blades are worth more than they should.

What size blades do I need for my Delta jointer?

Each blade is 6 inches long, with a 5/8-inch width and 1/8-inch thickness. Just like with any other jointer knife on the market, do proper research if these blades will fit your jointer. It can fit a Delta 37-195, but it should be noted that they will be slightly thicker than the stock blades that come with the original package for the machine.

Is the Delta 37-190 worth it?

I have had my Delta 37-190 jointer for only a short while, but it has turned out to be a wonderful item. A real life saver in cabinetry. Yes, the knives on my unit were not in spec when out of the box, but it is an easy thing to fix if you take the time to do it right. You should realign the knives anyway when new out of the box.

Is the Delta jointer any good?

I compared the Delta and Jet jointers before deciding on Delta due to it’s reputation. This jointer is not bad, but it could use some improvements in comparison to Jet tools. A TEFC Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor would be better to prevent motor overheating.