How old is Sowerby Bridge?

How old is Sowerby Bridge?

It was built in 1819 by John Oates. The chancel was rebuilt in 1873–74 and the church was re-roofed 1894.

Is Sowerby Bridge a town?

About Sowerby Bridge Sowerby Bridge is a small picturesque town lying 3 miles west of Halifax. It is surrounded by the dramatic scenery of the South Pennines, with the town’s gentle scenery being enhanced by the River Calder and the River Ryburn on which the town stands.

What Junction is Sowerby Bridge?

Sowerby Bridge is accesible from Junctions 22 and 24 of the M62. It is a small town on the A58 halfway between Manchester and Leeds. If you are travelling eastbound on the M62 you can exit at Junction 22 and follow the signs for Ripponden A58.

Is Sowerby a city?

Sowerby (/ˈsɔːrbi/ SOR-bi) is a village in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, in West Yorkshire, England. It lies in the Pennines, contiguous with Sowerby Bridge, 3.7 miles (6.0 km) west-southwest of Halifax.

What is Sowerby famous for?

Sowerby Bridge became part of Calderdale in 1974. Christ Church, the parish church of Sowerby Bridge, is a notable building in this area, along with many old stone-built clothiers’ houses, such as Kershaw House, above Luddendenfoot and Haugh End, at Sowerby.

When did Sowerby Bridge fire station close?

New canopies were erected in 1981 on the remaining platforms, with a ticket office housed in the surviving wing of the 1870s station, however this closed in 1983 and the station is now unstaffed.

Is Sowerby Bridge a good place to live?

One well-informed local who moved up the road and “upmarket” says: “People in Ripponden would never dream of moving to Sowerby Bridge but I loved living there. “It’s buzzing with a great vibe and some fantastic, independent shops, pubs and cafes. People are down-to-earth and friendly.

Where does the name Sowerby come from?

The Sowerby surname evolved from any of several places so named in Northern England. The place name comes from the Old Norse “saurr,” meaning “ground,” and “the Old English “byr,” meaning farm.

Is Sowerby Bridge a nice place?

What does coatham mean?

The name of both Coathams comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word ‘cot’ meaning ‘cottage, shelter or hut’. Usually when a place-name ends in the word ‘ham’ it comes from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning homestead.

What’s it like to live in Sowerby Bridge?

Where does the name Cotham come from?

The name Cotham belongs to the early history of Britain, it’s origins lie with the Anglo-Saxons. It is a product of their having lived in one of a number of similarly named settlements throughout England. Coton is found in Cambridgeshire, while Cotton was in Cheshire.

What nationality is Woodhouse?

Woodhouse is an English surname. It is of the same etymology, but to be distinguished from, the surname of the Wodehouse family of Norfolk. The family of Woodhouse of Womburne Woodhouse originates with Benedict Wodehouse of Womburne (fl. 1550); the spelling Woodhouse was used from the 17th century.

Is there a public toilet in Sowerby Bridge?

The town is served by Sowerby Bridge railway station, which sees a regular service to Manchester, Bradford and Leeds on the Caldervale Line. Unfortunately this station has no public toilets although there are many interesting information panels about the local area.

What is the history of Sowerby Bridge?

Administratively, Sowerby Bridge was governed by a Local Board from 1856 until the Urban District Council was formed in 1895. In 1926, it joined Sowerby District Council and the name was changed to Sowerby Urban District Council.

What will happen to Sowerby Bridge’s council buildings?

Council buildings on Hollins Mill Lane, the old swimming pool, council offices and fire station will be transferred to a community group, Sowerby Bridge Fire and Water, and will be renovated for community use. The Anglican parish church, Christ Church, situated on Wharf Street, is a Grade II listed building. It was built in 1819 by John Oates.

How far is Sowerby Bridge from Halifax?

Sowerby Bridge is situated about 3 miles (4.8 km) from Halifax town centre. It is at the confluence of the River Calder and River Ryburn, and the name Sowerby Bridge references its situation as a crossing point over the River Calder to the older settlement at Sowerby.