How old is Scott Timlin?

How old is Scott Timlin?

34 years (April 26, 1988)Scott Timlin / Age

What seasons of Geordie Shore is Scotty T in?

Scotty T has seen to appear in season 3 (Spring break in Cancun), even though he wasn’t in Geordie Shore at the time. The Geordie Shore house number is 3. Greg Lake left after series 1 and the two episode special where the cast went on holiday.

How old was Scotty T when he joined Geordie Shore?

IS SCOTTY T SMARTER THAN A SIX-YEAR-OLD? Real name Scott Timlin, Scotty , 31, shot to fame in 2012 when he first joined the MTV Geordie Shore cast in its fourth series.

Why did Marty and Scott leave?

At the time of their suspension in May, The Sun claimed the lads had been kicked off the MTV show for their hard partying and ‘rowdy behaviour’. Producers are said to have banned Scotty from filming the second half of the series for ‘failing to adhere to their pleas for him to curb his partying ways. ‘

Is Scotty TA dad?

Scotty T officially denies he’s the father of Stephanie Davis’ baby and calls for the real dad to step up in expletive-filled rant. SCOTTY T has responded to a bout of rumours that claim he is the father of Stephanie Davis’ newborn son by denying that he’s even ever slept with the ex-Hollyoaks actress.

Where did Scotty T go to school?

He got two A*s at A-level, one in physics and another in maths, and went on to spend two years studying Marine Engineering at Newcastle University. However, he ditched his education when he was offered a role in the boozy TV show – and his life changed forever.

Why was Scott fired from Geordie Shore?

In January 2018 MTV bosses sacked Scotty from Geordie Shore after he was pictured snorting lines of cocaine, leading to him missing out on the chance to film another hit series in Australia.

Why did Marty leave Scott?

Who’s the richest Geordie Shore member?

Vicky Pattison is the richest to come from Geordie Shore, with a net worth of £4.2million.

Is Chloe still with Marty?

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry is left shocked in tomorrow night’s episode as her ex-boyfriend Marty McKenna returns to the show. The 26-year-old reality star gets emotional as she chats to her good pal Nathan Brown when Marty rocks up to a Halloween party after three years of not seeing his former girlfriend.

Why did Scotty t’leave season 13?

SCOTTY T is in talks to return to Geordie Shore’s new series filmed in Colombia, The Sun can exclusively reveal. The 32-year-old star was axed from the MTV series in 2018 after he was pictured in a cocaine scandal.

Why didn’t Scott and Marty come back?

‘Producers have had enough’: Scotty T and Marty McKenna are ‘KICKED OFF Geordie Shore after hard-partying grows increasingly out of hand’ Scott Timlin and Marty McKenna have reportedly been removed from. The duo, 29 and 22 respectively, were withdrawn from filming the fifteenth series according to reports from.

Is Marty McKenna related to Megan?

Are Marty McKenna and Megan McKenna related? LOL. No.

How did Scotty t break his hand?

“Scotty T had an unfortunate fall a few hours into drinking and hit it so hard his arm snapped. He was reeling in agony and rushed to hospital where doctors said it was fractured and put it in a cast.”

Do they drink every day on Geordie Shore?

But the boys can handle a lot more.” She added: “People don’t realise how hard it is to film Geordie Shore. We feel hungover every day. But you just have to deal with it.