How old is Li Guo Huang?

How old is Li Guo Huang?

53 years (October 16, 1968)Mark Lee / Age

Is Mark Lee a DJ?

He is a very professional DJ, producer and tutor – who is popular among his peers. Mark is also someone i can also rely on when commissioning remixers for my label.

What country is Mark Lee?

Mark Lee (singer)

Mark Lee
Born August 2, 1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Education School of Performing Arts Seoul
Occupation Rapper singer dancer
Musical career

What is Mark Lee’s Korean name?

Mark Lee (Korean name: Lee Min-hyung; in Hangul: 이민형) referred to as Mark (Hangul: 마크) is a Korean-Canadian rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter born in Toronto, Ontario on August 2, 1999. He is the main rapper, main dancer, and the sub-vocalist of NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and SuperM.

What is Mark Lee MBTI?

dangg” Mark Lee MBTI is INFJ-A!!! also it seems like he was surprised he’s an introvert LOL😂 infj…” m.arklee.

How old is Mark Lee Singapore?

Where did Mark Lee go to school?

Seoul Performing Arts High…언주중학교
Mark Lee/Education

What is Mark’s favorite color?

– His favorite drinks are Coca-Cola and Banana Milk. – His favorite color is Blue. – His favorite number is 2.

Who is INFJ in NCT?

INFJ (Advocates): Ten (WayV), Jungwoo (NCT 127), Mark (NCT 127 and NCT Dream), Winwin (WayV and NCT 127), and Jisung (NCT Dream)

Is Yuta an INFJ?

INFJ (6w5) Yuta Okkotsu personality type is INFJ, the type that’s known to be ‘the artist’ or ‘the visionary’.

Where is Mark Tuan from?

Los Angeles, CAMark Tuan / Place of birth

Born as Mark Yien Tuan in Los Angeles, California, he spent a number of years in Paraguay and Brazil before eventually returning to California, where he grew up. He is Taiwanese, and has two older sisters and one younger brother. He took violin and piano lessons in elementary school, and moved to guitar in junior high …

Is Markiplier full Korean?

Generally, he gained fame as Markiplier, uploading videos of him and sometimes his friends playing and commenting on video games. He was born on June 28th, 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States and has American and Korean ancestry. His father served in the military where he met his mother of Korean origin.

Is Mark Tuan half Chinese?

Personal life. Growing up in the US and coming from a Taiwanese family, Tuan can speak both English and Mandarin Chinese, as well as having learned Korean and Japanese.

What personality type is Jisung?

The youngest member of NCT Dream, who recently turned 20 in Korean age, Jisung, is classified as an INFP/INFJ. The INFP is often considered a mediator, and are introverted, creative, and driven. Similarly, the INFJ is usually reserved, but also very receptive to others feelings.