How often do you get raises at Sprouts?

How often do you get raises at Sprouts?

twice a yr
As of 2021, twice a yr. They split annual raise in half.

What should I wear to an interview at Sprouts?

Nice jeans and a nice shirt works fine. Business casual.

How long does it take to hear back from sprouts after interview?

It took about two weeks from initial application to interview. They speak to you over the phone, then in person regarding what position you are applying for. Based on background results it could be anywhere from 1 week to three weeks.

What are the benefits of working at Sprouts?


  • Health Savings Account with employer match.
  • Retirement Savings Plan with company match.
  • Short- and Long-Term Disability.
  • Debt Management Assistance.
  • Basic and Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance.
  • Voluntary Benefits, including Legal, and Identity Theft.
  • Vacation, Sick and Holiday time off.

How do I quit working at Sprouts?

You can submit your two week notice, but in reality they’ll just tell you to leave. Yes, but it is an equal opportunity employer so you can get up and leave. It’s just good manners to put in a two weeks and you should not put them on your resume if you don’t.

What is the dress code at Sprouts?

Sprouts t shirt, tucked in. You can wear shorts, jeans, have colored hair, piercing or tattoos. Slip resistant shoes are required if you work, bakery, Deli and meat market. You can wear anything from nikes to timbs in all other departments.

Can you wear jeans at sprouts?

How long is training at sprouts?

a 2 week
Training is a 2 week process. 1st you have to go to orientation for a couple days. Then they actually put you on the register to help you practice your cashier skills. Last you do online tests to know more about sprouts itself.

Is working at Sprouts easy?

the work itself is easy and fun. i’ve learned a lot about grocery work and how to operate equipment. but the management, lack of compensation and adequate raises, and lazy unprofessional managers make working at sprouts extremely unpleasant. the turnover rate for store managers and employees is extremely high.

Does sprouts do a drug test?

Yes, it is company policy to do an initial drug test upon hiring.

Is Sprouts a good Employer?

Sprouts Farmers Market averages a 2.9 rating out of 5 via Glassdoor. Most of the company reviews center around communication of executive staff, scattered scheduling and poor wages.

Can you be rehired at Sprouts?

3 answers. Yes. I have seen many people re-hired. Even for the same position.

Can you wear shorts at Sprouts?

Sprouts t shirt, tucked in. You can wear shorts, jeans, have colored hair, piercing or tattoos. Slip resistant shoes are required if you work, bakery, Deli and meat market.

How do I quit working at sprouts?

Can I have dyed hair at Sprouts?

Only Sprouts approved sweaters, hats, etc. Hair can be any color, as long as it is kept clean (“not greasy” is actually in their handbook) and must be pulled back or tied when related to safety issues. Tattoos may be visible, as long as they are not offensive or inappropriate for the work environment.

Can you have tattoos working at Sprouts?

Overall, Sprouts does not discriminate against tattoos or piercings (as long as it is not covering most of one’s body). What Sprouts’ main concern is about how professional, genuinely friendly, and eager-to-assist their employees are.

Do you get paid for training at Sprouts?

Yes. They pay for training including orientation/computer training.

What do sprouts employees wear?

How do I quit at Sprouts?

Do sprouts employees get discounts?

Fifteen percent discount on all items at sprouts. Increases to twenty percent with an annual health assessment. it’s the only real perk. The employee discount could be better and more flexible.