How much is the death of Wolverine worth?

How much is the death of Wolverine worth?

Death of Wolverine comic books issue 1

$4 X Deaths Of Wolverine #1 Kubert Omega Wolverine Spoiler Variant Marvel 2022 NM
$6 X Deaths Of Wolverine #1 F Adam Kubert Variant 1st Print NM Marvel Comics 2022

How much is Wolverine number 75 worth?

Wolverine comic books issue 75

$7 “WOLVERINE” Issue # 75 (Nov, 1993, Marvel) f. cover Hologram, ADAM KUBERT art
$50 Wolverine #75 CGC 9.0 1993 NEWSSTAND
$55 Wolverine #75 CGC 9.6 Fatal Attractions Bone Claws
$60 Wolverine (1988 series) #75 CGC 9.6 NM+, White, Hologram cover!

How many issues does the death of Wolverine have?

X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine
Publication information
No. of issues X Lives: 5 X Deaths: 5
Main character(s) Wolverine X-Men Omega Red
Creative team

What poisoned Logan?

In Logan, adamantium is apparently poisonous There’s been some rumbling about adamantium possibly being poisonous in a few of the comic books, but in Logan the poison in the metal is killing him. Wolverine’s body basically heals itself like a regular human body—but much more quickly.

What is the first issue of Wolverine worth?

Wolverine comic books issue 1

$75 Wolverine Vol.2 #1 – 1st Patch (Marvel Nov. 1988) VF/NM
$230 Wolverine #1 1st Wolverine as patch! CGC 9.6 White Pages!
$250 Wolverine #1 CGC 9.6 White Pages First As Patch Appearance 1st App NM+ 1988 Key
$250 WOLVERINE #1 Marvel 1988 1st As Patch CGC 7.5

How much is Wolverine 100 worth?

52 pgs. Cover price $3.95. Published Apr 1996 by Marvel….Wolverine comic books issue 100.

$11 Wolverine #100 VF (Marvel April 1996) 100th Issue Of The 1st Series! Foil…
$100 Wolverine #100 – Hologram Edition – CGC 9.8 – Adam Kubert Cover
$125 WOLVERINE #100 CGC 9.8
$140 WOLVERINE #100 CBCS 9.8 HOLOGRAM Variant (1996, Marvel Comics)

Who killed Wolverine in Logan?

Rice. The two fight and X-24 fatally wounds Logan by stabbing him and impaling him on a tree. X-24 is killed by X-23 when she shoots him in the head with an Adamantium bullet that Logan had been saving for himself.

Is the death of Wolverine canon?

When Wolverine died and returned to life a few years later, some suspected that he simply healed himself. But Logan was actually, truly dead. Comic book characters in general are notorious for dying and coming back to life, but Wolverine is a special case.

How much is Wolverine 1 worth?

Wolverine comic books issue 1

$60 Wolverine #1 6.0 CBCS! 1st appearance of Patch! On going solo series!
$120 Wolverine #1, CGC 9.4 white pages 1st Ongoing Wolverine Series, Patch
$125 Wolverine #1 1988 CGC 8.5 Newsstand First Appearance Patch White Pages
$125 Wolverine #1 (1988 ongoing Series) CGC 9.0 Marvel Comics

Will there be a Logan 2 movie?

The makers still do not confirm the release date, but Logan 2 is so awaited that the second half of 2022 will give us some idea of its release. The directors plan on fully merging the MCU and the X-MEN universe, and fingers crossed, this will happen sooner or later.