How much is original Blue-Eyes White Dragon worth?

How much is original Blue-Eyes White Dragon worth?

As of this writing, the Market Price of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Dark Duel Stories) is about $3200, but finding a Near Mint copy can be even more expensive.

Is Blue-Eyes White Dragon worth money?

These three are collector’s items worth around $300 each, a far cry from the first group’s rate. A PSA 10 gem mint Blue-Eyes White Dragon Dark Duel Stories promo had a staggering sale price of $19,494 in December 2021. While the DDS Exodia and Dark Magician usually sell for a decent $2,000 upwards.

Is Blue-Eyes White Dragon a tribute summon?

–Paladin of White Dragon is a Level 4 Ritual Monster that you can Tribute to Special Summon Blue-Eyes straight from your Deck.

How much is a gold rare Blue-Eyes White Dragon worth?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon MAGO-EN001 YuGiOh Maximum Gold

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2022-06-14 Blue Eyes White Dragon Gold Rare 1st Edition MAGO-EN001 Mint $12.07
2022-06-13 Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Blue-Eyes White Dragon Maximum Gold MAGO-EN001 1st Edition #MAGO-EN001 $47.25

What is the easiest way to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

“Dragon’s Mirror” and “Ultimate Fusion” can be used to easily Fusion Summon this card, with cards like “Dragon Shrine” and “Dragon Ravine” feeding copies of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” and/or “Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon” to the Graveyard for use as Fusion Materials.

How many copies of Blue-Eyes White Dragon are there?

In the animated Yu-Gi-Oh! series, there are only 3 copies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Wielding 3000 Attack Points, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the purest symbol of both rarity and power.

Can you special summon blue-Eyes shining dragon?

This card can be Summoned by using the combined effect of “Mystical Beast of Serket” and “Temple of the Kings” to Special Summon “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” from your Extra Deck, then allowing yourself to Special Summon this card from your hand by Tributing “Blue-Eyes Ultimate”.

How Much Is Blue-Eyes White Dragon 2021?

Blue-Eyes White Dragon #001 (1ST EDITION)

Date Price Type
4/27/2021 $2,225.00 Auction
4/24/2021 $670.00 Auction
4/13/2021 $1,025.00 Auction
4/13/2021 $1,125.00 Auction

Can the white stone of Ancients summon blue-eyes shining dragon?

One of the easiest ways to Special Summon Dragon Spirit of White is with The White Stone of Ancients – a new Level 1 Tuner in Shining Victories. If The White Stone of Ancients is in your Graveyard during the End Phase of a turn that it was sent there, you can Special Summon 1 “Blue-Eyes” monster from your Deck.

How do you summon the Shining Dragon?