How much is funeral cover at AVBOB?

How much is funeral cover at AVBOB?

Cover starts from just R37 per month. The maximum amount of cover a person can get is R50 000.

How long is AVBOB waiting period?

six months
A waiting period of six months from the start date of the policy, will be applicable to all insured persons in respect of death as a result of natural causes. No waiting period applies in respect of death due to unnatural causes, provided that the policy started and that the first premium has been paid.

How much is Standard Bank funeral cover?

R44 a month for R10 000 cover and R3000 memorial benefit. R148 a month for R30 000 cover and R5000 memorial benefit. R205 a month for R50 000 cover and R5000 memorial benefit.

How do I apply for AVBOB funeral cover?

Visit your nearest AVBOB branch. Call us on 0861 28 26 21. FREE funeral benefits* only apply if AVBOB is appointed to conduct the funeral.

How much is cash back from AVBOB?

When AVBOB FUNERAL SERVICE LIMITED is chosen to conduct the funeral, policyholders of the cashback plan will receive FREE benefits, which include: R2 500 upfront cash payout. FREE funeral arrangements. A specified coffin and hearse to the value of R12 500.

How do I join AVBOB funeral cover?

Submit your details via the “Quote” tab on the top of this page and one of our representatives will call you back. Visit your nearest AVBOB branch. Call us on 0861 28 26 21. FREE funeral benefits* only apply if AVBOB is appointed to conduct the funeral.

How much is capitec funeral cover per month?

Visit a branch for funeral cover starting at R40 per month, or pay lower premiums from just R25 per month when you use our banking app to get your funeral plan. Get cover for one spouse and up to 4 parents, 8 children and 8 extended family members – all on one plan.

What documents are needed to claim at AVBOB?

A completed “Claim Application Form”. You can get this from any AVBOB funeral agency. The first three pages of the DHA1663 form (Notification/Registration of Death/Stillbirth). Certified copies of the ID of the person who died, the person making the claim, and any other people listed in the policy as beneficiaries.

Does AVBOB have tombstone?

AVBOB Funeral Service – offers a one-stop, affordable funeral service through a countrywide network of professionally run funeral parlours. AVBOB Industries – based in Bloemfontein and Rustenburg, manufactures a quality range of coffins, wreaths, funeralware and tombstones for the funeral industry.

Can I borrow money from my AVBOB policy?

Beneficiaries of qualifying AVBOB funeral insurance policies can draw the R2 500 immediate cash benefit* at their nearest Standard Bank ATM or Spar. AVBOB has created a special benefit for premium-paying policyholders, who may receive a six-month premium holiday in the event of their retrenchment*.

Which funeral cover gives cash back?

Cashback Funeral Insurance. AVBOB’s Cashback Funeral plan is a whole-life policy that allows you to insure the entire family, parents, parents-in-law and extended family members. With AVBOB’s Cashback Funeral Plan the policyholder can get cash back for every five claim-free years*.

How do I arrange my funeral for myself?

How to do I arrange a DIY funeral?

  1. Buy a coffin or shroud.
  2. Book a cremation at your preferred crematorium.
  3. Secure a burial plot.
  4. Hire a gravedigger if your chosen funeral is a burial.
  5. Arrange transportation of the deceased.
  6. Hire a minister or officiant to conduct a service, if you want one.

How much is the tombstone?

For a basic lawn-level memorial, the costs can start around $600. That assumes a durable granite, and includes basic information, such as name, dates and delivery. There are several headstone lettering styles to choose from when designing a headstone.

How much does a tombstone cost in South Africa?

Tombstones can cost anywhere between R2,000 and R1 million! (Uncommon but not unheard of). Include the costs of hosting the occasion, such as transport for attendees, catering, and tents, and it can become extremely expensive. This is why it’s important to factor post-funeral costs into any funeral cover you take out.