How much is dinner in Holbox?

How much is dinner in Holbox?

A fine dining restaurant with drinks around Isla Holbox can easily cost $420 per person or more, while a standard nice meal might be about $28 per person.

Is Holbox a party place?

This is one of the best places to party in Holbox, no doubt. It has a lively atmosphere and funky decor — the furniture is made of logs. Furthermore, you can enjoy videos of your favorite songs on their giant screen until the wee hours.

How much money do you need in Holbox?

We read online that a rule of thumb for how much money you need in Holbox is 1,000 Mexican pesos per day per person. That’s about right, however it doesn’t account for specific activities or things like transfers.

How much does Holbox cost?

Ferry Prices

Passenger type Price
Tourist adults and Children over 120cm tall $220 pesos
Elderly Tourists INAMAMP (Mexico Only) $120 pesos
Quintana Roo Residents (with valid ID) $180 pesos
Quintana Roo Residents Children (with valid ID) $100 pesos

Can you see flamingos in Holbox?

Locals say you can find some all year round, but officially the Holbox flamingo season is between April and October. Getting to the flamingos in Holbox isn’t super easy, but the walk is beautiful. Park your bike or golf cart at Las Nubes de Holbox hotel (you can’t go any further) and get ready for a 1-hour walk.

Can you take a car to Holbox?

If you have your own vehicle or have rented a car you can go to holbox by road driving to chiquila , this is the point where ferries go to Holbox. You don`t need to bring your car to holbox. In chiquila there are some secure parking lots that charge per day around $ 6 dollars.

Can you use US dollars in Holbox?

Accepted Currency The US dollar is accepted in all exchange houses and some also accept the Canadian dollar and the euro. The main tourist establishments accept US dollars as payment.

Are Holbox beaches nice?

Holbox’s World-Class Beach The main beach on Holbox, which runs all the way along its northern shore, is probably the best beach in Mexico, and quite possibly the best beach in the greater Caribbean. The beauty of it is absolutely unreal; it’s like something out of a dream.

What is Holbox known for?

With no cars and no worries, Holbox is famous for its bioluminescent waters and whalesharks. It truly is a place to behold. Holbox, properly pronounced “hol-bosh” is a rustic, tropical island located a few hours north of Cancun.

Are there mosquitoes in Holbox?

Holbox is known for its mosquitoes, so don’t forget to bring some repellent. It’s also wise to stay indoors around sunset to avoid the most active period for these annoying, blood-sucking insects.

How do you get around Holbox Island?

The island has a taxi-like system of golf carts. They line up when the ferries come in so you can get a ride to wherever you’re staying. Bike: Since Isla Holbox is so small, bikes are an ideal mode of transport. You can rent one for around twenty pesos an hour at one of the shops around town.

How much is a taxi from Cancun to Chiquila?

The quickest way to get from Cancun Airport (CUN) to Chiquilá (Station) is to Air taxi and ferry which costs $20450 – $20550 and takes 1h 8m.

Do restaurants in Holbox take credit cards?

While quite a few businesses in Holbox these days do, in fact, accept credit cards, many are still cash only. Of those accepting credit cards, most charge a 3-5% cc fee.

Can you swim in Holbox beach?

One of the most incredible things to do in Isla Holbox is to go swimming with whale sharks – it really is a must if you have the chance! The huge creatures look majestic underwater as they peacefully swim by. You really will come away with a sense of awe at having seen them so up close in their natural environment.

Is Holbox Mexico safe for tourists?

Isla Holbox is very safe so long as you have common sense and don’t walk to the beach alone at night or using the usual level of caution.