How much is 916 gold per gram in Malaysia today?

How much is 916 gold per gram in Malaysia today?


Gold Price in Malaysia Gold Price Today
916 (22kt) gold price per gram 257.56
999 (24kt) gold price per gram 280.90

What is Malaysia gold price today?

Malaysia Gold Rate Today

Quantity 24K Gold Rate 22K Gold Rate
1 Gram MYR 255.00 MYR 245.00
1 Tola MYR 2,974.27 MYR 2,857.63
10 Grams MYR 2,550.00 MYR 2,450.00
1 Sovereign MYR 2,040.00 MYR 1,960.00

Which country has cheap gold?

Save big on Gold and buy from Hong Kong, where you can buy some of the cheapest gold in the world.

Where is the cheapest gold price in world?

Hong Kong
Based on gold prices at the end of 2020, Hong Kong may be the cheapest country to buy gold from, going by listed face value prices. According to, it’s possible to easily purchase gold in Hong Kong at a lower premium than what’s common in other countries.

What is the 916 gold price today in Malaysia 2022?

Gold Price in Malaysia Today is MYR 2483.86 for 10 gram 24K and Gold rate for per tola is MYR 2897.42 (Updated 09 Jul, 2022).

What month is best to buy gold?

You can see that on average, gold tends to surge during the first couple months of the year. The price cools down through the spring and summer, then takes off again in the fall. This means that on a historical basis, the best times to buy gold are early January, March and early April, or from mid-June to early July.

Is now good time to buy gold?

And, as inflation has soared to 40-year highs, gold is also being touted as a hedge to stay ahead of rising prices. It’s up 16.2 percent in value since the end of March 2021, compared to the 8.5 percent overall inflation rate for the same period.

How do you calculate 916 gold?

916 is basically used to denote the purity of gold in the final product, i.e. 91.6 grams of pure gold in 100 gram alloy. The figure 916 is basically 22/24 (22 carat by 24 carat). In a similar manner, 958 gold is 23 carats (23/24) and 750 gold is 18 carats (18/24).

Which gold is best 22K or 916?

The 916 gold is considered ideal in making intricate jewellery, because pure gold is too fragile. Delicate work is not feasible in 100 percent pure gold. It is advisable that you should buy 916 purity gold as 22 karat is considered to be the best quality of gold for making jewelleries.