How much horsepower does a Buell have?

How much horsepower does a Buell have?

Buell Blast Specs: Power: 34.00 HP (24.8 kW)) @ 7500 RPM. Torque: 40.68 Nm (4.1 kgf-m or 30.0 ft. lbs) @ 3200 RPM. Starter: Electric.

Who makes the Buell 1190 engine?

Founded by Erik Buell in 1983, the company made their first bike– the RW750 for the AMA Formula 1 racing championship. Later on, in 1993, Harley-Davidson acquired about 49% of the company, and Buell became a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson in 2003. Under Harley-Davidson, Buell manufactured and sold thousands of bikes.

What is the difference between a Sportster and Buell engine?

The Buell rev limiter kicks in at 6800 rpm, a Sportster signs off at 6500. Newer Sportsters (’04 up) use XB heads (on 1200’s only) and higher compression (9.8:1), but are still down on power due to styling restraints (small, restrictive aircleaner, stylized dual exhaust).

Whats the fastest Buell?

Buell SuperTouring 1190
Buell SuperTouring 1190 is touted at the world’s fastest production touring bike. Buell SuperTouring 1190 is touted at the world’s fastest production touring bike. Buell Motorcycle’s new touring model prototype called Buell SuperTouring 1190 will make its official debut today at the Daytona Bike Week 2022.

Are Buell motorcycles any good?

Judging from the loyalty of Buell owners, the last generation of the 126,000 bikes produced by Buell are solid, reliable rides that will probably outlast most of their owners. So what are they like to ride? For a motorcycle in that price range, excellent. Let’s start with the good stuff — torque and handling.

Why did Harley stop making Buell?

Then in the midst of the global recession in 2009, Keith Wandell, the non-motorcyclist CEO in charge of Harley-Davidson, decided to shut down Buell Motorcycle Company. A firm called Liquid Asset Partners, led by CEO Bill Melvin – the same Bill Melvin, was contracted to liquidate Buell Motorcycle Company, which it did.

How much horsepower does the 131 Harley motor have?

121.62 hp @ 5,620 rpm
131 Performance Numbers

Horsepower: 121.62 hp @ 5,620 rpm
Torque: 130.67 lb.-ft. @ 4,260 rpm
1/4 mile: 12.58 sec. @ 106.72 mph
0-30: 2.02 sec.
0-60: 4.09 sec.