How much does the CEO of DeKalb County make?

How much does the CEO of DeKalb County make?

The salary for CEO at DeKalb County is $53,000 annually.

Who is Michael Thurmond wife?

He is married to Zola Fletcher Thurmond, and they have one daughter, Mikaya.

Is Michael Thurmond married?

Personal life. He is married to Zola Fletcher Thurmond, and they have one daughter, Mikaya Thurmond.

Who is Michael Thurman?

Michael Thurman is an experienced trial attorney who defends lawsuits, arbitrations and regulatory actions brought against businesses and their executives and employees.

Who is mayor of DeKalb County?

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – Clarkston Mayor Beverly Burks and Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch joined with fellow members of the DeKalb Municipal Association to voice their concern over Superintendent Cheryl Watson-Harris’ termination.

Who are the DeKalb County Commissioners?

Board of Commissioners

  • District 1 – Robert Patrick.
  • District 2 – Jeff Rader.
  • District 3 – Larry Johnson.
  • District 4 – Steve Bradshaw.
  • District 5 – Mereda Davis Johnson.
  • District 6 – Edward “Ted” Terry.
  • District 7 – Lorraine Cochran-Johnson.

Does DeKalb County have a mayor?

Who is the mayor of Decatur?

Patti GarrettDecatur / Mayor

Who is the county administrator for DeKalb County GA?

Patrick L. Bailey. Patrick Bailey is originally from the Kirkwood Community located in Atlanta, DeKalb County, Georgia.

Who is the mayor of DeKalb County?

Who runs DeKalb County?

The county commission functions as the county’s primary legislative and policy-making body. DeKalb County has seven commissioners who are elected to four-year terms….County commissioners.

Office Name Date assumed office
DeKalb County Commission District 4 Steve Bradshaw 2016

Who is the state of Georgia chief executive?

Brian Kemp
The governor of Georgia, currently Brian Kemp, is the chief executive officer of a vast modern enterprise. The need for specialized expertise in governing and coordinating society means that Georgia’s governor must work with a variety of other elected officials and appointed administrators.

Who is the Dekalb County Mayor?

Who is the mayor of Lithonia Georgia?

Shameka ReynoldsLithonia / Mayor

Who is the sheriff DeKalb County Georgia?

SHERIFF MELODY M. MADDOX. For DeKalb County Sheriff Melody M. Maddox, law enforcement is more than a job.

Who is the commissioner for Lithonia Georgia?

Commissioner Johnson kicked off her county wide beautification campaign during her inaugural South DeKalb Fall Festival. She was joined by elected officials from DeKalb County and City of Lithonia. Constituents were treated to the vibrant sounds of local high school bands.

Who is in Ga executive branch?

the governor
Georgia’s main executive official and head of state is the governor. Elected to a 4-year term by Georgia voters, the governor isn’t allowed to hold office more than 2 consecutive terms.

What is Lithonia GA known for?

Lithonia is in the heart of the Georgian granite-quarrying and viewing region, hence the name of the town, from the Greek lithos, for “stone”. The huge nearby Stone Mountain is composed of granite, while the Lithonia gneiss is a form of metamorphic rock.

Who is the mayor of Stonecrest?

Jason LaryStonecrest / Mayor
In September 2020, Lary, as Mayor, signed a resolution acknowledging the CARES Act requirements and adopting a funding plan for Stonecrest’s relief funds. The plan provided $1 million to the Stonecrest Cares Program for mask distribution, COVID-19 education and testing, and other purposes.

What happened to Derwin Brown?

Derwin Brown was a police captain and sheriff-elect of Dekalb County, Georgia. He was assassinated on the evening of December 15, 2000, after his defeated political rival, Sidney Dorsey, reportedly promised promotions to the men who carried out the shooting.

Who is DeKalb County’s new chief executive officer?

Michael L. Thurmond won a 2016 landslide victory to become chief executive officer of DeKalb County, one of the most diverse counties in the Southeast. Since his Jan. 1, 2017 swearing-in, Thurmond’s primary mission is restoring trust in county government.

Who is the interim director of facilities management for DeKalb County?

Clyde Stovall, Interim Director of facilities management for DeKalb County. As the Interim Director of facilities management, Stovall oversees county capital construction and maintenance of county’s 274 buildings. In addition he oversees county real estate transactions, central mailroom operation and all county parking facilities.

Who is Mario Evans of DeKalb County?

Mario Evans, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, started his professional career with DeKalb County in October 1999, where has worked in various roles at DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK). Mr.