How much does o2 arena cost?

How much does o2 arena cost?

It was originally called the Millennium Dome and cost around $976 million (£700 million) to build, with the bulk of it being taxpayers’ money.

What is the capacity of the NEC?

The Resorts World Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena located at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Solihull, England. It has a capacity of 15,685 seats….Resorts World Arena.

Owner National Exhibition Centre
Operator NEC Group
Capacity 15,685
Broke ground 11 April 1979

What was the o2 Academy called before?

the Carling Academy Glasgow
The O2 Academy Glasgow (formerly the Carling Academy Glasgow) is a music venue on Eglinton Street in the Gorbals (Laurieston) area of Glasgow.

What is the capacity of the Roundhouse?

1,700Roundhouse / Capacity

Capacity: 3,300 standing, 1,700 when all-seated. In practice, for gigs, that means 3,300. Who plays there: At the moment, it’s hosting the iTunes festival, which means some of the biggest names in music.

Which is bigger NEC or ExCeL?

When we looked at public transport links, the difference was less obvious. The NEC is accessible for approximately 22,899,626 people within a 3 hour travel time, but ExCeL was slightly more at 23,037,134 (GMEX was 18,006,802).

Is the NEC bigger than ExCeL?

Britain’s biggest is the NEC in Birmingham with 190,000 square metres, making it the world’s 23rd biggest. ExCeL chief executive Jeremy Rees said: “The expansion of ExCeL will ensure that London and the UK remains internationally competitive and a destination of choice for world-leading events for years to come.

What is the capacity of Alexandra Palace?

10,400Alexandra Palace / Capacity

What is the capacity of O2 Academy Oxford?

O2 Academy Oxford, the main venue downstairs, has a maximum capacity of 1,020, and alternative configurations. The secondary venue is the upstairs area of the building, O2 Academy2, with a capacity for up to 436 persons, continuing AMG’s policy for encouraging and developing new bands and artists to play in professionally equipped venues.

What is the trading name of O2 Academy Oxford?

O2 Academy Oxford is the trading name of Academy Music Group Limited. Company number: 3463738. VAT number: 710648159. Registered in England and Wales. 211 Stockwell Road.

How connected is Oxford to Oxford City 5?

We’re lucky that we are well connected. City 5 starts at Oxford railway station, through the city centre and straight to Cowley Road, very close to our venue, around 100 metres. Stagecoach run night buses between Blackbird Leys, Templars Square, Cowley Road and the city centre.

Do you have parking facilities in Oxford?

We do not have our own parking facilities, but there’s bays reserved around the local streets. Council car parks (Union Street) has 74 spaces, but click here to find out about the blue badge scheme and parking options nearby. Look out for bike racks in local streets and on Cowley Road, Oxford loves cyclists.