How much does a Director at UBS earn?

How much does a Director at UBS earn?

£113,975 per year
The typical UBS Director salary is £113,975 per year. Director salaries at UBS can range from £75,164 – £197,234 per year.

How much does an associate Director make UK?

Associate Director Salaries

Job Title Salary
KPMG Associate Director salaries – 106 salaries reported £96,647/yr
HSBC Associate Director salaries – 97 salaries reported £99,158/yr
Ipsos Associate Director salaries – 95 salaries reported £51,226/yr
EY Associate Director salaries – 87 salaries reported £99,998/yr

What are the job levels at UBS?

Levels at UBS

  • Analyst.
  • Associate Director.
  • Director.
  • Executive Director.
  • Managing Director.

How much does an associate Director at KPMG earn?

How much does an Associate Director make at KPMG in Sydney, NSW? Average KPMG Associate Director monthly pay in Sydney, NSW is approximately $17,328, which is 47% above the national average.

Which bank pays highest salary UK?

Ranking banking pay for associates in London (GBP)

  • Citigroup: 127k.
  • Credit Suisse: 126k.
  • HSBC: 125k.
  • UBS: 123k.
  • Deutsche Bank: 119k.
  • Barclays Capital: 119k.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland: 93k.

Is associate director a good job title?

In general, the associate director has more responsibilities than the assistant director because they are in a higher-level position. The associate director makes creative and strategic decisions for the company that significantly impact its success and structure.

What does Associate Director mean UK?

a person who is joined with one or more other directors in an enterprise, business, etc, having equal or nearly equal status. Mr Lin is associate director of the Institute. Collins English Dictionary.

What is a UBS director?

Director role at ubs is equivalent to VP/Manager. Most directors at UBS are responsible for a process and/or managing a group. I would say 170k is about the max for director role at UBS. Bonus on an average year would be about 10%.

How much does JP Morgan pay UK?

The average J.P. Morgan salary ranges from approximately £20,394 per year for an Apprentice to £261,875 per year for a Managing Director. J.P. Morgan employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.9/5 stars.

How much does a director at Barclays earn?

The typical Barclays Director salary is £146,594 per year. Director salaries at Barclays can range from £11,491 – £384,130 per year.

Is associate director same as VP?

An associate director is the same as a VP.

What does associate director mean UK?

Is Associate Director same as VP?