How much do EP Henry pavers weigh?

How much do EP Henry pavers weigh?

Total weight: 3,161 lbs per cube.

How long do EP Henry pavers last?

They last and look great for decades. A sweep or two of the leaves in fall is all the cleaning many families do to keep up their paver surfaces. Others enjoy sweeping daily when weather permits. It’s up to you.

Do EP Henry pavers fade?

The stain will fade, but a homeowner may want to spruce up the pavers before Father Time does his work. Leaf pigments can resist a simple hosing. We recommend wetting the stain and spraying it with some bursts of Simple Green detergent.

What is EP Henry ColorTech?

ColorTech™ by EP Henry is the newest advancement in paver treatment. An integral sealer, as opposed to a topical treatment, ColorTech costs substantially less and lasts much longer than a topical sealer application.

What is Bristol stone?

Also found in: Wikipedia. rock crystal, or brilliant crystals of quartz, found in the mountain limestone near Bristol, and used in making ornaments, vases, etc. When polished, it is called Bristol diamond.

What is a cast stone wall?

Cast Stone Wall is the first and only mortarless retaining wall system to provide the beauty of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Developed by EP Henry and utilizing technology that is a marriage of wet cast and dry cast manufacturing processes, Cast Stone Wall represents the next generation in retaining walls.

Are EP Henry pavers good?

In addition, EP Henry concrete pavers are far more durable than many other paving products so your investment will stand the test of time – and are backed by a lifetime structural warranty. EP Henry strives to give customers the best concrete pavers available for their hardscaping projects.

How do you maintain EP Henry pavers?

Cleaning Stains

  1. Sweep or blow off any loose debris.
  2. Hose down pavers with clear water.
  3. Most food grease or oil stains can be removed using a de-greasing dish soap (like Dawn) directly onto the stain. Use a paper towel to soak up any surface grease.
  4. Mildew can be removed by using a bleach solution.

How do you get stains out of EP Henry pavers?

Cleaning Stains

  1. Use a paper towel to soak up any surface grease.
  2. Drizzle scaling hot water from a tea kettle and thoroughly rinse it off the surface.
  3. Apply Dawn dish detergent full strength onto the stain and allow it to sit on the for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Scrub with a standard household nylon bristle scrub brush.

Can you cast stone?

Colour and material matching to existing stonework is possible, making cast stone the ideal choice for restoration, renovation and retrofit projects. Most manufacturers aim to create cast stone that resembles natural stone as closely as possible.

How do you keep pavers wet?

The solvent based is just too moisture sensitive and tends to lose its shine very quickly. It terms of giving the best wet look gloss finish, I would recommend a 2-part water based polyurethane to seal pavers. It leaves the surface with a much darker wet look appearance compared to a water based acrylic.

How thick are EP Henry pavers?

SIZE (WxL) 315/16” x 77/8” PCS PER SF 4.5 SF PER CUBE 120 SF PER BAND 20 LBS PER CUBE 3,207 This unit is 23/8” thick. Available in 31/8” thickness by special order. COLOR DISCLAIMER Because EP Henry Pavers are made from natural materials, variations in shade can be expected.

How long does cast stone last?

Do I need to seal cast stone to protect it from the elements? None is necessary. However, sealing is often desirable to retain the pristine look and it lasts 10+ years. Unsealed, a natural patina will evolve.

How often should you seal pavers?

every 3-5 years
How often should paver sealer be reapplied? The basic rule of thumb is every 3-5 years. For film-forming sealants, you will be able to notice when the physical barrier is showing signs of wear.

How many sizes does Henry Bristol stone come in?

EP Henry Bristol Stone with ColorTech™ has a softly sculpted texture that captures shadow and light and comes in six beautiful color blends. This distinctive line of pavers offers group two groupings, each containing three sizes, and one extra-large size (sold separately).

Why choose EEP Henry Bristol stone pavers?

EP Henry Bristol Stone pavers have a softly sculpted texture that captures shadow and light. This distinctive line of pavers offers two grouping of 3 sizes on a pallet and comes in 6 beautiful color blends. You can use either all Bristol Stone I, all Bristol Stone II or – as many prefer – combine all 6 sizes for a grand scale and appeal.

Is EP Henry responsible for compaction scuffs on pavers?

EP Henry will not be held responsible for compaction scuffs or burns on pavers. +Bristol Stone 3 1/8 comes in Golden Maple & Pewter Blend only. *Phoenix, Sedona, Sonoran, and Tucson are premium colors. Bristol Stone I pallet contains 107 square feet of 3 sizes – 160 pieces per cube.

Which Bristol stone should I Choose?

Select Bristol Stone I with ColorTech, all Bristol Stone II with ColorTech or – as many prefer – combine all 7 sizes for grand scale and appeal. EP Henry recommends the use of a protective pad between the plate compactor and the paving stones to prevent surface damage during installation.